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The kitties decided 8:00 is late enough and woke us up. The dh went back to sleep. I'll just nap later.

I've revised and revised these goals, trying to find a balance between what I can do without stressing myself out and getting books out to publishers. I think I've found a balance. I hope I have.

Overall goals:

1) Revise 4 books (VH, GH, historical, Spy Girl)
2) Write 2 new (one in the summer, one during Nano) and a novella
3) Cut back on online time
4) Cut back on contest judging
5) Learn how to promote better
6) Keep up house
7) Read a book a week
8) Lose 2 clothing sizes (it would be nice to fit back in the capris I bought a few years ago.)
9) Cut back on TV (stop laughing! I’ve already gone to only one movie at a time with Blockbuster online!)
10) Pay off 2 bills



Amie Stuart said...

Had to come by and say Happy New Year!

I shut OFF BBOnline for three months! I think I'm going to cancel it when the time is up. I just don't see me using it and that 13 bucks a month is a tank of gas for nearly two weeks.

#6...LOL u and me both.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I dropped Netflix to one at a time, too (actually switched one to Number Two, so the kids don't have to alternate their queue anymore). But I can't see watching less TV overall actually happening...

MJFredrick said...

Happy new year, Amie!

I don't think I could shut off BBOnline. I need to see movies when they're new (to DVD) in case I MISS something :)

And ya know, #6 wouldn't be so bad if we got a little help, right?

Natalie! Weren't you up to 4 movies or something? And you're probably right about the less TV watching...and I've added a new show, Leverage. SO good. Then 24 is coming back, and Lost, and Psych and Burn Notice.....

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Natalie! Weren't you up to 4 movies or something?

I was getting four total, one for the kids and three for me, while I was watching Buffy and Angel this summer. Then I dropped back to three and set up a new profile for the other kid, so they each had one list and I had one list. I just bumped it back up temporarily so I can have two at a time while I watch Roswell.

I have Leverage recorded but haven't watched yet. I'll be adding Lost and Castle and Scrubs and Cupid and Kyle XY and Dollhouse and...well, I'd better stop there. LOL

MJFredrick said...

I've added 24 and Leverage, and Friday Night Lights and BSG are coming back on, along with the USA shows. If I could record 2 at a time, I'd have The Mentalist on there, too.


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