...and the Boogie Woogie Flu

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So I have pneumonia. At my son's insistence, I went to the minor emergency clinic yesterday and that's what they told me. The cough is horrible - Thursday night I coughed so hard I thought I broke something.

The dh picked up my meds - $70 for cough medicine and antibiotic WITH the insurance! Yow.

The bad (other than the coughing that makes me feel like I broke something) is that I put off Mother's Day shopping. My MIL, my mom and my SIL's birthday gifts all need to be bought. Not to mention food/drink for tomorrow's party. And my contract needs to be mailed. And I need to get to the library for some things on hold.

Then my brother's coming to put in the AC unit we bought LAST May (but remember, he hurt his back. He's doing better but is still too skinny.)

Busy day.

Thanks to Trish, I dreamed about cleaning my house and "culling," as she calls it. But whenever I dream about my house, I dream there's an extra room, and in that extra room there is ALWAYS a Rococo (sp?) sideboard. I've never opened this sideboard. Last night, I knew I wanted to keep it, even though it doesn't go with anything else I have, it's beautiful, but when I went to open it, I woke up.


I also dreamed a river ran under our house. Weird.

I watched SPN and Moonlight last night. Moonlight had the music up so loud I couldn't hear the dialogue. And SPN....I guess the medicine was working pretty good by then because I don't think I understood the ending. If Bella needed the gun, why sell it?



Amie Stuart said...

Go to Cheryl and co and order cookies. For reals they are the BEST COOKIES EVER! They're like Crack.

And order some for yourself as well---and GET WELL!

Anonymous said...

Mary, pneumonia isn't something to mess with. It can kill you. Drink lots of fluids, take your medicine and send dh and ds with a list to buy stuff. YOU need to take care of you! If you try to push through, it'll smack you upside the head and you'll end up in the hospital on IVs. YAY on the contract!!!!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Hey, here's a tip! Let someone ELSE do the Mother's Day shopping! And getting food and drink for a party you shouldn't go to because you need REST. And send someone to the post office and library FOR YOU. There isn't a single thing on that list someone else can't do.

You don't want them standing over your grave going, "at least she got her contract in the mail." Do you?

Get better!

And Bela was lying about the Colt. She didn't sell it, she used it as a bargaining tool to try to get Lilith to break their deal.

squiresj said...

I hope by now this finds you feeling some better. I pray that you get well. Mother's understand by the way when their children are sick. My oldest lives too far away to spend the day with me. God Be with you and give you a blessed Mother's Day.

KATZ said...

OMG Mary! Feel better -- force yourself to take it easy... and happy Mother's Day! :)

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Amie. I ended up getting gift cards at the grocery store (they sell gift cards for Starbucks and Borders and stuff.) Then yesterday I bought Mom an orchid. I still want to get her something else.

Mary Beth, I'm taking it as easy as I can. Every day when I came home from school, I took my medicine and lay on the couch. I didn't even cook. My cough is still pretty bad, though.

Natalie, you're right. I shouldn't have gone to the party even for a little while. I came home and slept 12 hours.

Thanks, Squires and Sarah!


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