Saving Money

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The dog next door is a Weimaraner and she keeps climbing up on their trampoline - very funny.

I have to get gas today, and the last time I drove by the gas station by my house, the gas was up ten cents from the LAST time I got gas there. No telling what it is now, four days later. At least I only have to drive to school 8 more days (7 with kids, 1 workday). Even though I don't go far from home during the summer, I'm thinking of how to save money because of gas, and the home electric bill is supposed to go up at least 30%.

I already combine errands - I never go out just for one thing. I have a bike, but honestly, I do not see myself riding it where people could SEE me (even though it's pink!) I could walk to the library and the barbecue restaurant by my house. There will be days I don't leave the house (hopefully lots of those, depending on the boy, who STILL doesn't have his permit.) I've turned the thermostat 4 degrees warmer than last year.

I cooked at home more last week, and since the dh is home this week, he'll cook (YAY!)

We're unlikely to go anywhere except maybe a state park this summer. I told my guys it's a good thing we enjoy our house.

My mom's RV is now a very expensive potty on their land.

My mom and I are seriously considering carpooling next year (hers is the school across the highway from mine.) If not, I'll carpool with 2 teachers in my grade level. (For someone who values alone time, this is a Big Step.)

Have you made adjustments because of rising costs? Any hints to share?



Amie Stuart said...

No huge adjustments yet but the boys will be home all summer so not only the extra food but the extra electricity!

OMG It's scaring me!

Luckily I don't drive far to work, and I make it a point to NOT drive if I don't have to--who can afford to!?

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

We drove by one station twice on Sunday, and it was 5 cents higher the second time! There's no reason for that! It was Sunday!

Actually, my FIL works for one of the major companies as a terminal manager, and I asked him what excuse they were using. He admitted there is absolutely no reason for prices to be skyrocketing like they are. Nothing has changed over, say, last year.

It makes me very thankful that 1) I work at home now and 2) we got a hybrid for our new car. I'll have more running around (strings and soccer camp), but the places are very close, less than 2 miles away. Our vacation to the Cape is pretty much not going to happen, and we might reconsider our driving visit around Ohio to see the family, just because by the time we go, gas will likely be well above $4 a gallon up here.

We had such a mild spring, I'm hopeful for a mild summer, too, which will help with the A/C.

Trish Milburn said...

I'm trying to do the same with only going out one day a week and staying home the rest of the days. When we go on longer trips to see family, we take my car since it gets twice the gas mileage of hubby's truck.

I may pull out my bike (which hasn't been used since college!) and fix it up. It needs new tires and a good cleaning. I wished I lived in an easier place to use it (someplace with actual sidewalks), but I might be able to use it a little bit.

MJFredrick said...

Amie, yeesh, I didn't think about the cost of food with the boy and I home! Energy, no!

Natalie, that's just scary. Our newer car gets good mileage, but the dh has the old Land Cruiser. Still, cheaper to pay gas than new car payments.

Trish, we don't have sidewalks either, but nice smooth streets. Still, I'll feel like an old fool ;)


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