Love Them or Just Enjoy Them?

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I read a comment by an author today about how they "enjoyed" writing a couple's story. I thought, "Enjoyed? Really?" And then I thought about it some more. You know, there are stories I loved writing more than others, characters I love more than others. I think when you have a certain level of output, it's bound to happen. I'm sure my cp cannot possibly fall in love with all the characters in all the short romances she writes.

So I started thinking about my own stories. I LOVE Noah and Ellie.



I LOVE Gabe and Peyton, or I wouldn't have fought so hard for that story!



I LOVE Adrian and Mallory, whose story I'll be revising soon.



Spy Girl, which will go into revisions as I'm going back to school - LOVED.



But the others....I think I just enjoyed them. I'm going to be revising the end of my Wayback story this week, and I just enjoyed the characters. I'm not really excited about going back into it. I have a good ending, I think, but I'm meh.

My ghost hunters story - meh.

My vampire story - meh.

Breaking Daylight - the characters are compelling but I don't love them. I just want to see them have a HEA.

Don't Look Back...I enjoyed writing that story, but I don't remember feeling passionate about it.

So I started wondering, does it show? Both BD and DLB have won a number of contests, so I guess not. I wasn't passionate about Where There's Smoke and it has kicked Hot Shot's booty in both reviews and sales.

But I much prefer falling in love with my characters than just enjoying them. It makes writing so much more fun!


Anonymous said...

Writing is definitely more fun when I love the story! :)

Dixie Belle said...

I love all your photos!!


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