Still Full Speed Ahead

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My last day of school was a week ago and I still feel like I’m going full speed ahead.

Monday and Tuesday I worked on revisions for Wayback. Yesterday I did promo, then errands. Today, more errands. Tomorrow, hopefully, nothing. I’m still not finished with STTA, but I kind of knew yesterday would be a no-writing day because of the promo loop (which makes my shoulders absolutely tense). Still, I have 10 contest entries to read and critique group this weekend. I have 3 DVDs to watch and return. Everything seems to be on a time table. Plus, since I'm trying to save gas, I combine errands, and that stresses me out, trying to remember everything.

I have gotten a lot of the house clean. I threw out so much trash we could barely move the humongous trashcan to the curb. Today I’m cleaning the kitchen, so there should be more trash or stuff for Goodwill. Of course, I come home from taking the boy to a friend's, then going to the grocery and the kitchen counter is loaded with dishes no one bothered to do.....

Remember Fly Lady? She would tell you to throw out 15 things every time you cleaned a room. She would be so proud of me.

Oh, and yesterday I got our back door open. Why is this a big deal? Because we lost the key 6 years ago. We have another back door, but this one is right off the laundry room and being able to exit it is so convenient. It’s gross and dusty and there’s a mummified lizard stuck between the screen and the slats, but it’s open!


Anonymous said...

I need to get on the Flylady wagon and get rid of some of my junk. Sounds like you are doing great, Mary.

Anonymous said...

I'm so envious. I've been spending a ton of $$ getting DD ready for college and us ready for the Europe trip but the house is a disaster and I've written NOTHING. As soon as we get back from our trip I'm writing, writing, writing. :-)


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