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I watched Fool's Gold this week, and while the pratfalls had me rolling my eyes, the reason for the two of them getting a divorce was pretty convincing. I think it's always a tough balance when writing a reunion story, finding a good enough reason to split them up and then being able to get them to overcome that reason to get back together. As Tess's lawyer said in Fool's Gold, "You married a guy for the sex, then expected him to be smart." I really didn't think they overcame the conflict - Finn's immaturity drove Tess CRAZY, but he did prove how much he loved her.


Another reunion movie, one I actually got the beginning of Beneath the Surface from, is Twister. The thing splitting them up is him thinking he wants something and by the end of the movie realizing he had what he wanted all along.


Writing reunion stories is tough. I've written two, one about two cops who split up after their child dies (was THAT hard to write! I still want to go back and fix it, though. It became a bit episodic.) and Surface. I've always felt the weakness in Surface was the reason they split up, so I have a new reason now and I plan to get going on it next week, if I can finish fixing BD this weekend.

What are some good reunion stories you've read or seen?

Today: clean up backyard and back room for dh's bday party, read Trish's chapters, work on BD and do a little promo if my email cooperates. Yesterday all I did was read and sit in the pool - it was HOT!



dawn said...

that bloody mary in his hand looks so good.

mary, if you can pull yourself away today, come by and talk to me while i have my garage sale.

(btw, i love j's new cut!)

MJFredrick said...

I have Never Had a Bloody Mary, can you believe it?

KATZ said...

Hey Mary -- I'm back from the world of house-remodeling to say hello! :) Back at work with constant computer access.
I'm getting so excited as Nationals gets so close!! Bought my formal dress!

I don't usually care for reunion stories... maybe it's what you've described, that the reason for splitting never seems good enough... and then I'm too depressed about their wasted time they could've been together.

BUT, I am planning a series of books, and the premise of one H/h combo is a reunion story... basically, she was sheltered her whole life by her parents, never allowed to make her own decisions, then marries young to a guy she loves -- but he was still her parents' choice, and he took over sheltering/protecting her where they left off...
So, she divorces him after a couple years, because she needs to learn to be her own person.
Then, they can be reunited, because she knows who she is now, AND, he's grown to be able to accept her and willing to listen to her, etc.
Hopefully, it'll work!


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