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So lately, especially in contest entries, I've read a lot of tough heroines. Tough to the point of being unsympathetic. Maybe they've been hurt before and have built a huge, thick wall around themselves. Some are just butt-kickers, not needing a man, not bending, often rude to the hero for no apparent reason.

I have trouble relating to a heroine like that. I've written some women who have been through the mill, but I think I've made them sympathetic and relateable. What do you think makes them this way?

Okay, the other dealbreaker....infidelity. I've been watching Veronica Mars and there was an infidelity when they were on a break. She can't forgive him because of who the infidelity was with. I was thinking about what one of my friends said when Ross fooled around when he and Rachel were on a break. She said that Rachel was so hurt because Ross was the one person she never thought would hurt her. I don't think you could say the same about Logan...Veronica is just waiting for him to hurt her. But is it a forgiveable sin? Would you be able to forgive a hero or heroine who committed an infidelity?



Amie Stuart said...

I think you have to give them an Achilles heel. And I think this goes for tough guys or helps negate the a$$hole factor. My current heroes are hired killers. Hitmen. It's what they do. No excuses. There's no getting around that. Um I think I'm gonna go blog about this LOL

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

It's all in the execution. I can forgive just about any character anything, if their GMC is done well enough. The biggest example is in the Maggie Shayne Immortality series, with one truly horrible villain who became a heroine in a later novella.

Infidelity can be forgiven (in a character, and by me as a reader) if the rest of the story supports me doing so.

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