Happy Fourth!


You know, I don't know why I sign up for BIAW. I write LESS those weeks than I do any other!

I watched His Girl Friday last night, another reunion story. The similarities to Surface are fun to watch - he was a workaholic, she wanted a home, they worked together and he's drawing her back into the career she thinks she can walk away from. She's engaged to someone else, someone the opposite of her husband. Of course, the movie is a comedy, but it's good to see I hit all the pertinent points.

So I'm trying to decide on a symbol that illustrates what I write - mostly romantic adventure. I'm having trouble coming up with something, other than an Indiana Jones hat. Any thoughts?

Good thing there's no mail today, got another rejection yesterday. Of course, I also got my Veronica Mars CD, so it almost balanced ;)

Enjoy your holiday!!!



Marianne Arkins said...

Sorry about the R, Mary. Hang in there!


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