Routine--I Need One!

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I don't think I have this much trouble getting back into my life every year! I've not written since Sunday, and that was just a teeny bit. I'm reworking the beginning of the bodyguard story and don't have a measurable goal, and that is hard. Also, even though I don't have anything out except the historical right now, I can't seem to push myself on this book.

I just need to do the hand work on my dress and I can't seem to do that, either. The dress is just folded there on the table by the couch.

Housekeeping? I cleaned the kitchen Sunday. Yesterday was my day to do the living room, which is easy because I can do it while watching TV, or while waiting for dinner to cook. Undone.

I have been making dinner every night because we got our first post-iPhone phone bill and :::GULP::: The dh is convinced it's wrong, so he's got to call them. It had BETTER be wrong because it's almost as much as our car payment.

The routine changes again today as the boy goes to college. ::::::SOB:::::::: He's going with my brother, so I think that will help, but ::::::SOB::::::::

What have I been doing? Watching a TON of Battlestar Galactica and playing a lot of solitaire. Sad, really.



Mary Curry said...

I'd suspect your story problems are at the root, Mary. I know that when I'm confused or stuck with a story, that's when I procrastinate or get sidetracked. Not the most productive way of resolving it though.

Good luck!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I don't know, I think you struggle with the transition every year. :) I mean, how can you not?

But hard to tell via blog if it's really worse this year or not. :)

MJFredrick said...

Mary, I think you're partly right. I've gone back, though, and am working through another scene and I know what I'm going to write, but.....never enough energy.

Natalie, I can't honestly remember. It's logical. But right now my fear is that I'm going to get revisions on both DLB and BD at the same time and I'm going to be snowed under with no time to write anything new, and I'll have squandered two weeks.


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