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The boy left for NYC yesterday morning, but I stayed up late Monday to tell him goodbye. Last night he called at 10 (WAYYY past my bedtime) and we talked for half an hour. Now, I am tired. Very tired. Today, I'm trying to keep the schedule normal, but also I want to clean my room. I've packed my library and today we'll clean out our desks. Problem Child loves to organize, so I have him cleaning out one cabinet. If nothing else, I'll have an organized room at the beginning of the year.

This morning I have my last traffic duty. I don't mind morning duty, even though it means I have to be there ten minutes earlier (I'm usually there, anyway). It's cooler and the traffic isn't as bad.

Today we also have a meeting with our test scores (not sure why). Tonight the dh's artist friend is having a showing or something at a local restaurant. Not sure if we're going, but we should.

I finished watching True Blood Season 2 over the weekend. I like Sookie in the books so much better. She's not so dumb. I like Bill in the show better, though. Since I finished that, I started watching The Tudors, but don't really have it in me to pay that much attention. I didn't care for last night's GLEE episode. No one was acting heroically. (That looks like it's spelled wrong.) Also, I didn't like the songs. Seriously, the first part of the season was amazing, but this part seems just to be filler. Still one of my favorite shows.

Burn Notice is back on tomorrow, too.

I'm only working on revisions on Queen right now. Feels weird to just be working on one thing. I should be getting my edits on Sunrise soon, though.



Mary Curry said...

Totally agree about GLEE. There have been some episodes - and some moments within episodes - that I liked, but not so much as the first half. I do love Jesse though. I hope he's back next season.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

The episode with Neil Patrick Harris was my favorite of the year (both the Dream On showdown and Artie's fantasy), but I agree about last week's. Can't say much about anything else because Glee is like candy. It's awesome while I'm watching it, and I can't wait for more, but it doesn't stick to the ribs. :)

MJFredrick said...

I don't like Jesse. I think that's part of my problem. I liked Rachel and Finn, and throwing Jesse in seemed unnecessary. (I know Castle threw in another guy, but it didn't feel so contrived.)

Natalie, that was my favorite, too, exactly for the parts you mentioned. But I've bought more music from the first part of the season than the second part.


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