I'm thinking one of the reasons I didn't LOVE Supernatural last night is the absence of quips. I liked it, will watch it again when I get home, but didn't LOVE it.

There were two movie previews I saw last night that I want to see: the Hugh Grant one with Drew Barrymore, where he's a former pop idol and the new Jennifer Garner one, where she lost her fiance and is ready to live again.

House bothered me this week, too. I don't usually watch it, but my son is hooked, so we watched the new episode. And in the end, nothing had changed. House is still an addict, he'd been playing everyone all along, he made the administrator lie, he proved Tritter right. How can you root for a guy who plays people like that? Who knows he's wrong and celebrates it?

I know we've talked about the proliferation of anti-heroes lately, the Prison Break guys, the Heroes, heck, even the Winchesters get away with credit card fraud and a lot of shooting. But all of them have a soft side. House has nothing to redeem him, that I've seen. Yes, he's smart and funny in a cutting way, but is that enough?

My son says to redeem House would be to ruin the show, but what about character growth? If he stagnates, so will the show. Does anyone who watches this show have an opinion?

PSA: Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be on Rachel Ray next week. I wonder what he'll talk about, since he's not IN anything right now!

Yikes - got to go pick up Mom and I'm not even dressed yet!

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Anonymous said...

Just to let you know...Jeffrey Dean Morgan is just finishing a 12 week movie shoot in New York. JDM is the male lead in "The Accidental Husband" which also starts Uma Thurman and Colin Firth. Immediately before that, JDM was in Ireland shooting "P.S. I Love You" with Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler. Within the next few weeks he will probably begin shooting the suspence/thriller movie "Among the Shadows".

MJFredrick said...

Ooh, anonymous!!! Thanks!!! I wonder which thing he'll talk about....or if he'll cook. Isn't that what RR does?


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