71 Degrees and the ASUS EEE PC

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I had to turn the AC on this AM! It's 71 and HUMID this morning. A front is supposed to blow in later, but now - yuck.

Today's the first day with the kids. We're reviewing for the district benchmarks, which we'll be taking the rest of the week. Joy. Then I have to race home, get the boy, race to another HS where he has tryouts for another battle of the bands. Oy. I think I won't cook today.

On Saturday, the dh told my son, “I’m thinking of getting your mom a laptop.” What he was talking about was an ASUS EEE PC, a Linux based operating system, which runs $300-$400. It’s got Wi-Fi and Open Office, which is pretty much all I’d need. It seems to boot pretty quickly. The reviews I’ve read have all been pretty positive. It has a 7 inch screen, but what I’m worried about is the keyboard. I don’t like my Alphasmart keyboard because the keys are too stiff. I worry this will be too narrow, and I don’t have small hands. Best Buy carries them online but not in the store, and I sure would like to see one or hear of another writer who’s used it over a period of time before I take the plunge.

Has anyone heard of these? Has anyone seen one? Bought one?



Kelly Boyce said...

Wow JD is showing up all over the place lately! You must be happy about that.

MicheleKS said...

That ASUS EEE PC kind of looks to me like an AlphaSmart with a flip-top screen. But it does look interesting though I'd actually want to see one in person before buying.

KATZ said...

Never heard of that PC... I wonder if, for the money, you'd be better off getting a $500 Dell something? $300-400 doesn't seem very cheap to me, if you are just using it for word-processing...

I bought an old, refurbished completely stripped down IBM thinkpad for $350, thinking it would only be for writing. I was never happy with it. I didn't pay for MSWord, used an old version of WordPerfect, and conversion between that and my desk top was a real pain.
I have an alphasmart now, and like it so much more (even though I can't use it for revising, just new stuff).

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Mary, you might want to consider an Alphasmart Neo. I got one for mother's day last year. The keyboard is SO much smoother than the old 3000! It types like a dream, and the screen is a little bigger.

MJFredrick said...

Kelly, yes, I'm very very happy ;)

The ASUS is an actual PC, with WiFi and programs loaded on it. It's just not very fast. But yeah, I want to see one, or hear a convincing testimonial.

Sarah, the dh is adamantly anti-Windows. The saving grace of the ASUS in his eyes is that it's Linux based. Our first computer was a refurbished PowerBook, and man, was that baby slow. I just hate the keys on the AlphaSmart - so stiff.

Natalie, I was talking to our Occupational Therapist today and she was talking about the Neo, too. The appeal of the ASUS, for me, was the WiFi.


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