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So I'm up at 4 after not sleeping well...I'll get some work done on Hot Shot since I'm up. I'm a day ahead of schedule on that, and on the Vanished revisions. At about 8 last night, at Baby Brother's bday, I started jonesing to write on StTA, but was too tired when I finally got home. I haven't worked on it in DAYS.

I should have gone to the grocery store yesterday but I didn't want to so now I have to stop this AM. I did go to Academy to get the boy new shoes and found 3 new blouses. The most expensive one was $13! So my last SIX tops have come from Academy, because that's the only clothing store I go to!

I'm almost done with PS I LOVE YOU and it's REALLY good, more like the movie than I thought, though Daniel and William seem to be the same person in the book. I have a feeling I won't like the end as well, though.

Okay, the dh is in a country/punk band, which means they take country drinking songs and play them like punk songs. So the dh is listening to Outlaw Radio for "homework." Now that I'm going to write a rodeo story, I need to start doing "homework," too. Sadly, I don't have much reference for country music. (SAD for a girl who grew up in San Antonio!) I've heard the Third Coast radio show is good, but the dh suggested my hero might be more of a Red Dirt music fan, which is more country/rock. Neither of these things mean anything to me.

I'm thinking my 25-26 year old hero might be into more modern country music and maybe my heroine, a kindergarten teacher, isn't into country music at all. She's older than him by about 10 years (maybe 8). But they will be going dancing, and I need some good dance music. I should just hang out a day at YouTube, see what pops. Got any names for me to try?



Kelly Boyce said...

I for one, highly recommend men 8 years younger. Okay, well 7, but I'm sure that extra year wouldn't matter a whole lot!

Marianne Arkins said...


I'm a huge country music fan. Go ahead... ask me anything.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what Red Dirt is either, Mary. LOL And I was raised in West Texas where the only radio stations we have are country/ western.

But for country/ rock, Tim McGraw's name came up. I like Gretchen Wilson's songs. I recently listened to a song by Kelly Clarkson, Before He Cheats.
Garth Brooks used to sing some good ones - Friends in Low Places.
Loved that!

Sounds like it's going to be a good book. Good luck!


KATZ said...

I would say Tim McGraw also (the song "Real Good Man" always makes me think of a romance hero).

Also, maybe try Big&Rich (sp). They have that song "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy"... not sure what their other songs are like...

MJFredrick said...

Hmmm, Kelly, what are you telling us?? ;)

Marianne, I wish I knew what to ask!

Lupe, thanks for the list!

Sarah, my friend JoAnn LOVES that Tim McGraw song! I've heard of Big&Rich somewhere.....


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