NEW SUPERNATURAL TONIGHT, Teaching While It's Hot and My Cover

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All new Supernatural on tonight, about witches! The ds wanted to go to a friend's to watch LOST, but we vetoed it - the kid lives 20 minutes away, which means we wouldn't get back home till nearly 10. I feel bad, because the kid's in mourning over John Edwards dropping out of the race, but man! I am worthless on Thursday nights.

Yesterday was chilly, in the 50s. I noticed the heater was on. I was okay, but a little irritated.

Then I started teaching division for the first time and apparently the heater kicked on full blast. I felt like I was in one of those experiments to gauge how temperature affects a teacher's mood when she's teaching a subject for the first time to kids who don't know their facts....and to top it off, the special ed teacher was just standing around not helping. Grrr. He's in there to give me a hand and he didn't help one kid.

By the afternoon, it was 84 degrees in my class. We'd called maintenance and been ignored. See, this "fancy" AC/heating unit cannot be turned on and off by mere school personnel. SUPPOSEDLY it monitors itself. Ha. When it doesn't, they have to call maintenance. I think it's just an effort to keep those guys employed.

I got my Hot Shot cover last night, and it's great, perfect pose, perfect background, perfect heroine....except my hero is follicly challenged. Trish says he looks like Daniel Day Lewis. My son said Dresden. I'm fine with both those guys, but this is GABE. He's been in my head for 8 years. I don't know if it's something that can be fixed. I'm thinking of Waterworld, where Kevin Costner had artists add hair to each frame of the movie so he wouldn't look old.



Anonymous said...

Mary, Mary, Mary,
You obviously forgot to take the "I'm smart enough to control the thermostat in my classroom certification test." Good News! The next available test date is in June of 2008 for a fee of $600.00. I have heard that the state board of education offers a free study guide ;0) Sorry you are in misery. Nothing is worse than Math and sweat. Liz

Trish Milburn said...

Yay, new Supernatural! What did you think?

MJFredrick said...

Thing is, we don't have thermostats in the whole building. The system runs on a computer behind locked doors and our maintenance department barely knows how to work it. No one on campus does, because it's not SUPPOSED to need anyone to work it. It's supposed to sense the outside temperature and either turn on the heater or the AC. Well, it turned on the heater, and wouldn't turn off! The maintenance guy said the thermostat read 89!!!!

Supernatural was okay....I kinda wish it had just been witches, though.


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