The Final Four, JDM, Cloverfield and 10 Things You Won't Find in My Books

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Trish is in the FINAL FOUR of the American Title contest! Go vote now!

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Michele was right - PARADE had a 2 page spread with JDM, including a picture I don't have!!! Of course, the ds and dh thought it odd I was buying a paper.....

We went to breakfast, went to the grocery store and raced to unload so we could go see Cloverfield.

I've never been so sick watching anything. All of it is done with a handheld camera, which is Never Still. I didn't realize what was making me sick at first, but the constant motion.....ugh. I ended up only seeing about 1/4 of the movie. I can't watch video games, either, and I think it didn't help that we sat so close. Thankfully the movie is Very Short, less than 90 minutes.

Today I should have my website up and should get my bookmarks ordered.

I've been wanting to do this post since I saw it on Jill's blog, but honestly had trouble coming up with ten things I've never written about. I mean, after twenty books, I've written about single moms, single dads, love triangles, explosions, shoot outs, diving, firefighting, May-December, you name it.

So, ten things you WON'T find in my books:

1) historical settings
2) teenage offspring of the hero or heroine - way to leech out the romance
3) death of any of the following - the hero or heroine, a child, a grandmother or a pet
4) a toilet scene (I can't STAND bathroom scenes in TV shows or movies, and there ALWAYS seems to be one)
5) talky love scenes
6) a hero with a full beard
7) hm, how to put scenes that of the ordinary, like, say, you'd find in EC books
8) a waif heroine
9) the wedding of the main characters, and I don't know why
10) angels (though I've loved the 2 angel books I've read)

What don't you write about?



Kelly Boyce said...

Hmm...things I don't write about.

So, ten things you WON'T find in my books:

1) urban settings
2) pregnant heroines
3) beta males (not that I don't like them, but I just don't write them well)
4) a book without humor (even the darker ones have it in there)
5) inspirational type stories

OK, that's only 5, but my boss keeps coming over and interrupting my thought process...

Jennifer Shirk said...

Cloverfield looks good. I'm seeing the Veggie Tales movie today, though. (Which looks good, too) LOL!

April said...

I definately think the toilet scene was a good call... no need to bring that into it :o) That sucks the movie was to motioned for you!

MJFredrick said...

Kelly, I'm with you on inspirationals. I would have said betas, too, but Noah in my WIP is kinda beta.

Jennifer, I was laughing at the Veggie Tales when we were in line at the theater. I guess the ds missed that series when he was younger. Maybe they came out when he was too old to be impressed.

MJFredrick said...

April, I'm so glad you agree with me on the toilet scenes. I actually was stumped on my camping scene in my WIP because of that concern, then thought...why mention it at all?


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