Last Night I Dreamed of Gerry Again....

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I dreamed Gerry was my boyfriend. I was still married and my dh knew, but Gerry was my boyfriend. He'd come over to the house early in the AM, we'd meet for dinner....weird. I also dreamed the dh's band was two girls. Hmmmm....

Man, I snoozed the alarm TWICE today! I woke up at 3, started worrying, but wouldn't let myself get out of bed till 4, and was asleep by then.

I realized last night I've missed a step with my WIP. I need to synopsize it and rearrange a few things (one of the downsides of working in spirals.)

Elizabeth tagged me last week with 7 things you don't know about me. This is getting harder every time ;)

1) I'm very cheap. I don't mind spending money initially, but I'm going to use every smidgen of whatever it is I buy.

2) I'm 2 degrees away from JDM. The dh met Kyle Chandler, and Kyle and JDM worked together on Grey's.

3) I love to work in my backyard but don't like to work in my front.

4) I have a very sensitive sense of smell. Last night, all night, there was an unpleasant scent, and I couldn't rest till I figured out it was the dog's bed. P-U! Couldn't exactly wash it last night, either, because it's too cold!

5) Of the 8 cars I've owned, only 2 have been new.

6) I'm one of the few teachers at school who wears skirts. (Not today, though! COLD!)

7) I used to love to cross stitch. I even have my Baby Brother's baby announcement half done, but my eyes got so bad.



Jennifer Shirk said...

I'm cheap, too.
But only with certain things. I think nothing of ordering thousands of dollars worth of Ethan Allen window treatments for the house, but I will deprive my hubby of grapes unless they're on sale for 99 cents a pound. LOL!

Kelly Boyce said...

I looooooove Kyle Chandler. Ever since I saw him in Homefront all those years ago he's been one of my favorites.

MJFredrick said...

Jennifer, EXACTLY!!!! I'll spend a fortune on books, then drain every last drop of the Bath and Body soap before I toss it.

Kelly, do you see FNL? I'm not crazy about his character, but he does have his moments ;)


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