Movie Day

Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures

Yesterday I walked out to put out the mail and found this on my porch.


Mom bought them for me for watching her dog. WOOT! So many colors....

Yesterday I watched movies all day, and still managed to write 6 pages. I watched The Good German, and had to strain to hear Cate Blanchette in her soft German accent. Clooney got his butt kicked a lot and Tobey Maguire cussed like a sailor.

I watched the first two episodes of Dexter and decided it is not for me.

I watched Zodiac, which is dang long and has everybody in it. Interesting, and more or a resolution than I expected an unsolved case to have. Plus, Robert Downey Jr.

Then I watched What's Up, Doc, the old comedy with a GORGEOUS Barbara Streisand and Ryan O'Neal. We had fun picking out familiar faces in the cast. I really like that movie.

Today is Reading Day. I'm ahead of schedule on my small town story, so I'm taking the day off. Well, I'll probably write tonight, but today, I'm going to finish Karen's book and read The Watchmen, at least.

How come I have written Every Day and still feel like I'm not working toward publication. Is it because this book is FUN?

Obsession update: I requested JDM to be my friend on MySpace, then changed my layout so he wouldn't think I was a total nut.



Marianne Arkins said...

LOL on the myspace thing...

Hey, friend me:

LOVE the pens!!!

Tracy Montoya said...

I changed my layout before I friended Alana Davis, my first celebrity friend. She still wouldn't accept, so now I have to boycott her. On the upside, David Blue from Ugly Betty friended me (of course, I made the first move). He's so cute, I could just squeeze him.

Great pens! Oh, and have you seen the Good Shepherd? (The GOod German always reminds me of it.) It's REALLY dark, but the violence is mostly off-screen, so it's a mental dark. I LOVED it, although it also depressed me for days.

MJFredrick said...

LOL, Tracy! I have Nathan Fillion from Firefly, but JDM still hasn't responded. My brother doesn't think it's really him....

I haven't seen The Good Shepherd - just don't want to be depressed ;) The ds is trying to get me to see Pan's Labyrinth and I can't.


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