THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!! And Story Inspiration

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Today I am going to read and write and that is all, till the boy has his TWO gigs tonight!

Hot Shot is back with my editor. Fingers crossed she likes it.

My Wayback story hit a snag in that I was making my cowboy a foster kid, and I realized the hero in the first book in the series is a foster kid. Hmph.

I watched 3:10 to Yuma the other night. Good movie. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did.

I was thinking last weekend that a LOT of my stories come from dreams. A LOT. Just this week I had 2 more!

Beneath the Surface was a dream about archaeologists getting kidnapped by a group of rebels in South America. I kept the archaeologist part.

My very first book, with a title too dumb to name here, was a dream about 2 cops, divorced, who were kidnapped and their kids had to try to rescue them (this was way before Spy Kids, too.) I kept the 2 divorced cops part.

The story I sent to SHOMI, Eden's Promise, was a dream about these man-like creatures taking over the world and capturing humans. (Okay, maybe I had seen Planet of the Apes before I went to sleep that time....)

Ghost Hunters was a dream about Dean Winchester running a ghost tour.

Spy Girl was a dream about Sydney Bristow having quit, having a kid and having to go back into the spy game to rescue her husband, and having to work with a man in love with her. I added the bad guy she falls in love with.

I have three more dream ideas I'm playing with....the one I dreamed this week, one I dreamed a couple of weeks ago, and an assassin story I dreamed probably a year ago.

Do you ever dream story ideas?



Trish Milburn said...

I don't dream story ideas, but I sure wish I did.

Anonymous said...

Once I had a dream which I thought would made a good story. About a castle which turned out to be a prison and a woman who'd had to turn to prostitution to make ends meet after her husband dies. Through perseverance,finally, she thinks society has accepted her until she finds that she was invited to a swanky party because a man in the prison who is a duke (some kind of royalty anyway)wants a woman to pretend she's his wife [whom he killed because he found her in bed with another man]. The pain of both the man and the woman had me crying when I woke up. I wrote that part of the story, then I switched to the present and it became sort of a "love for eternity" story. I sent it to a Doubleday contest before I joined SARA and RWA, so now I'm not surprised I was rejected. Though I still think the story has promise with some work.


Marianne Arkins said...

My short story, "Magic" I dreamed from beginning to end. I haven't done that before or since.

Still, I do get ideas from dreams... just snippets here and there, when I can remember them!!

Sounds like your dreams are VIVID.

Amie Stuart said...

I NEVER remember my dreams! Ok rarely. The last one from a few weeks ago...was narrated by someone with a british accent. Don't ask because I have no clue.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I dream plenty of stuff that could be ideas, but can never hold on to them long enough to develop them!

Or maybe, I just want them to be for me. :) If I dreamed of Dean Winchester more, that would definitely be the case. :)

Pat Cochran said...

W-A-A-Y back in my younger days, I
had a dream that seemed as though
it would be a good story. It was
about what is known as surrogacy
today. I guess I took too long in
deciding what to do, or else I must have been channeling an author in
my sleep! The next thing I knew
there were surrogacy stories all
over the place!!

Pat Cochran

MJFredrick said...

Lupe, that sounds like an AWESOME story!!! Wow. I can just see it as a movie!

Cool, Marianne! And yes, my dreams are vivid! Plus, you know, I like to sleep ;)

Amie, LOL about the British accent!!

Natalie, interesting about keeping your dreams just for yourself. I always think of story dreams as a gift.

Pat, don't you HATE when that happens? But it sounds like it would be a good story!


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