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Yesterday the ds had a gig downtown. He had to be there at 2:30 but wasn’t to go on till 4. The dh took him, then came back for me. We got down there shortly after 4, found the place (the dh SWEARS he saw a hooker flashing a guy – that’s the kind of neighborhood it was). The ds called. They weren’t going on yet. We went to the Starbucks by the hospital to wait. The ds called again. They weren’t going on till 7:30. The dh and I decided to go eat at Chipotle’s, then we came home for a bit, and I decided to color my roots.

My hair was still in the towel when the ds called back and said they were going on NEXT (before 6). I yanked the towel off my head, changed my blouse and we bolted, got there for the second of five songs. The place was pretty nice, though, had lights and a sound system and everything. Then the ds loaded his gear in the car, the dh and I came home, then the dh went back to get the boy at 8.

I had almost half a tank of gas when we started. Yeesh.

Okay, back to work today. I kept dreaming it was the first day of school. All I can say is, thank God for Tylenol PM. I thought about stopping for Starbucks, but it's warm today and the coffee really overheats me.

1) get back into a work schedule (it’s testing this week, so shouldn’t be too bad)
2) get ready for critique
3) write at least 25 words on StTA
4) type in revisions on Eden’s Promise and submit to SHOMI contest – what do I have to lose?
5) Start revisions on Vanished
6) publish website
7) figure out best way to make bookmarks
8) pick up ds from UIL practice 2 times
9) pick up ds to take to another HS for Battle of the Bands tryouts tomorrow (glad I cancelled tutoring!)
10) keep up with grades
11) keep up house



Anonymous said...

I hope your day goes smoothly. It's not too much longer until spring break.

Trish Milburn said...

Sounds like a busy week. Good luck with everything. And tell the boy I said he needs a driver's license. :)

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, y'all! Trish, even if he got his permit TODAY, he couldn't get a license till mid-June. They have to have a permit 6 months.

Sigh. At least we get quality time together in the car...


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