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Since I sent Vanished in, I've been catching up on the Tivo and the Blockbuster DVDs.

Jericho - I thought it started slow, and that Jake was a bit wimpy compared to last year. I loved Esai Morales as the Major, and was kinda wanting something to happen between him and Heather. I like that Hawkins's wife is involved in his life now. She looks pregnant to me - did anyone else think that? I love Stanley and Mimi's story, too. Still, Jake wasn't the hero he was in the first season.

But the last two episodes have definitely been edge-of-the-seat shows, haven't they?

LOST - I love the twistiness of it, and how every episode has ended with a hook. But what about Miles? And I'm with Natalie - I KNEW it was going to be Michael because we knew Michael was coming back. The question is, does he have his memory? I love the new character of Daniel, but the last two episodes haven't intrigued me as much. I don't care for Juliet, and how can I care about a character for the next two years when I know that character will die?

SUPERNATURAL - Awesome. I love Dark!Sam, love that Dean wants to live, Ruby is GREAT and HATE what they did to Hendrickson. And still more than a month till a new episode!

THE RETURN OF JEZEBEL JONES - I love Gilmore Girls, and Amy S-P produces this new show with Parker Posey (who I also love.) The network showed the pilot and the first episode back to back, which was probably smart, because I would have stopped watching after the pilot. Parker Posey was manic and I despise laugh tracks (the only sitcoms I watch are The Office and Earl, and neither of those have laugh tracks.) The laughs were at really inappropriate times, I thought, and if I hadn't seen PP in other things, I would have thought she was a terrible actress. The second show calmed down a bit, with PP looking more like a Type-A Lorelei and getting to know her "loser" sister. That's what's intriguing me, is the sister storyline. I'll watch it again.

I'm not caught up on Men in Trees yet, and I quit watching Sarah Connor and Eli Stone.

I also watched four movies this weekend.

Nancy Drew might have been good if, well, Nancy wasn't so unlikeable. She was amazingly perfect (and it's been so long since I read the books - was she really like that?) While the writers crafted this well and made it her strength AND her downfall, it didn't make her likeable. I did like how they explained her old-fashioned wardrobe and Roadster - she told people she liked old-fashioned things. And the mystery was pretty good.

The Bee Movie started out cute and had vivid colors. I love vivid colors. But it got really silly in the middle, though it had a couple of good messages. I wouldn't recommend unless you have a little kid who'll enjoy it more than you will.

Dan in Real Life is billed as a feel-good comedy. Sigh. I laughed once. If you liked the Family Stone, you might like this, but to me it was awkward and sad. I did not like.

Something to Talk About was the other movie, and yes, I realize it's 20 years old and has Julia Roberts. I didn't remember it being rated R and we watched during dinner. Oops. I did like the line, "It's just a man on a horse." And I liked the aunt. But man, Robert Duvall was a jerk, and why would Julia Roberts go to Junior League in her stable clothes? Just meh.

Enchanted and Atonement come out tomorrow....my chances on seeing a good movie improve.

Only about 7 scenes to go on my Wayback story.



Karen said...

I agree with you on Jake, and I was thinking that Hawkin's wife looked pregnant on the last episode. This season wasn't as good, but it was good to see things continue on with the show since it wasn't supposed to be at all.

Anonymous said...

The last two episodes of Jericho have totally rocked. I suspect they got off to a slow start because they had to rehire everybody, write scripts, etc. before they could get back in the groove.

Re Lost I'm not going to believe anybody is dead until I see them die. The date of death on his tombstone was the date the plane crashed which seems kind of fishy to me.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I haven't been able to figure out exactly why Jericho hasn't been as compelling to me for this season as it was last season, and I think it's because there's been less emphasis on the in-town story. Everything has gotten bigger...except that's not COMPLETELY true. Anyway, I agree it got better the last two eps, but I'm afraid that's going to be it. I think it's been dropping ratings steadily.

You QUIT WATCHING Sarah Connor?! Man, you missed some REALLY good stuff. Emotional Mom/Son and Uncle/Nephew/DeadFather stuff. Funny and intriguing Robo-Cameron stuff. And a really good pseudo-finale, which wasn't supposed to be a finale but seemed like one, anyway.

Hey, you got me watching Jericho, least I can do is try to talk you back into my second-favorite show! :)

MJFredrick said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one suffering Jericho-letdown. The dh was ready to quit watching, but Trish saw the episode with Mimi and Bonnie and told me I HAD to see it. Glad I did.

Tori, the dh noticed the death date, too. I'm wondering who's pulling these strings....

Natalie, yes, I quit. I just didn't care about the characters. And I AM trying to cut back, though it doesn't seem like it ;)

Lee McKenzie said...

Jezebel Jones was a total disappointment. In addition to a manic PP, I though the sister and parents were boring sterotypes. The set-up for PP's character (I've alread forgotten her name) wanting a baby was rushed and poorly motivated. I was expecting Gilmore Girl quality, and it just wasn't there.


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