Mockingbirds, Procrastination, Newsletters, First Time Blogging and 48 HOURS TILL SMOKE RELEASES!!!

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There is this mockingbird outside that sings ALL NIGHT LONG. This bird has no problem with projection, as Trish and Dawn can tell you. USUALLY I can sleep through it. Not today, though. I've been up since 3:30 fretting about things, all the while envisioning taking a shotgun outside and seeing said mockingbird explode in a cloud of feathers. Of course, I have no shotgun and would be jailed for discharging a gun in the middle of the city in the middle of the night, but I'd like to think the neighbors would cheer me. I may buy one of those big ugly inflatable owls, though.

We saw Beowulf last night. Don't. Just...don't. I think I'm going to quit the DVD mail thing - the movies sit here so long before we watch them - it's just not worth it.But I DID finally sew the new buttons on my suit - that I bought in the beginning of NOVEMBER!!!!

Okay, I have this incredible list of email addresses thanks to the Book a Day Giveaway on The Romance Studio. (Titania won, btw.) So Monday I made a newsletter. Only I think the newsletter should have more that just my books, like an article of some kind, but I don't have any good ideas. Any of you have any ideas? Also, I don't know how to make an address book separately. I use Entourage. Does anyone know?

Tomorrow I'm blogging at Samhain for the first time (providing I get my password!). I probably don't want to scare the readers the first time out, so I'm thinking of blogging about one of the following:

Hot Shot's long and winding road
Motivation (a writer's, not a character's)
Favorite quotes
Favorite things
Favorite couples
Importance of having goals
First romance novel
Music and writing
TV and writing
Dreams as inspiration
Obsessions (maybe too scary for the first time ;) )
Best thing about being a writer

What do you think?

Did I mention I put my book covers on some stuff at Cafe Press? Well, the Smoke t-shirt and the Hot Shot mug arrived yesterday. Both are REALLY cool. The mug, especially. (Tracy, those are some of your Intrigues behind the shirt.)


Okay, still time to get some work done on Wayback.



Marianne Arkins said...

I have my author newsletter in Yahoo, and use for the LASR newsletter. I'm still struggling with what to do for my newsletter, too.

Good luck!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Maybe do something fun. Like favorite things or favorite couples?

KATZ said...

I think you should blog about the long and winding road of Hot Shot.
That's what I always like to hear from authors -- the story of the book, the Call, etc.

MJFredrick said...

I've GOT it! I was thinking....firefighters...heroes...hero of the month!!! I'll have a movie hero of the month, a TV hero, and book heroes - but here's where I need your help. I want to format the book heroes like a want ad. So if you have a book coming out in the next few months (I really do plan to do this regularly), make a want ad from your hero's POV and I'll add it to my newsletter with a link to your publisher page or Amazon.

And join my newsletter - the button's on the sidebar!


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