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I have a new love...ebooks. I know, I know, I publish them but reading them was always a pain because I’d read them on my computer, which was too much like work. You know, I’d find myself editing or whatever.

But now with the iPhone, I have Stanza and Kindle for iPhone (which I haven’t registered for yet because I’m scared I’ll go insane with the downloading.) I had some books already on the laptop that I loaded onto the phone, and I have to say, it’s really cool. It’s well-lit and you can adjust the font, which is the best. Yes, I have to "turn" pages faster, esp. because of the small screen, but that doesn't bother me---yet.

There are a few issues, though. The books from TWRP didn’t translate well from the computer to the iPhone and instead of listing the author, it lists the editor, I think. Also, the formatting is gone, so there are no paragraphs. Everything just runs together. All but one are novellas, though, so I can deal. Still, frustrating a little.

And while Samhain books are cheap on Kindle. other books aren’t. Some of the books on my wish list are as cheap in ebook as mass market. And you can’t put ebooks on the wish list.

I’ve not tried HQ books from the website, or Fictionwise (because they take a HUGE chunk of my royalties. Do I want to give them more money?) or My Bookstore and More.

Where do you get your ebooks, especially if you use Stanza? What format do you get them in?




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