Romance Novel Cliches I Love

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1) The dance as seduction. God, I love to get my hero and heroine together on the dance floor. All three currently pubbed books have a dance scene. Couldn’t work one into Surface or DLB, but BD has one. STTA does, too. I love getting them in such close proximity. Fun!
2) The hero giving the heroine the coat he’s been wearing. She smells him on it, feels his warmth. Yum!
3) Small town stories
4) Forced proximity stories
5) Reunions

I was trying to think of more things we see in books than plotlines but I couldn’t think of anymore. You?



Lee McKenzie said...

I really enjoy reading, and writing, scenes with the hero and heroine sharing a meal. So much potential for sensory detail.

In my current project (tentative release date of April '10) the hero and heroine are living in very close proximity. There's also a dance scene and another in which he gives her his jacket. Cliche or not, those scenes were a lot of fun to write!


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