Favorite Scenes from TV Shows

A lot of the shows I like are no longer on except in syndication. But sometimes I'm flipping through the channels and one of them is on, and I'll stop long enough to see That Scene, and then I'll move on.

This was actually harder than I thought because I wanted to list scenes, not episodes, and in a lot of the shows, I have favorite episodes.

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The Thanksgiving pants - when Phoebe brings her old maternity pants for Rachel, and Joey has to eat the whole turkey, and he puts on the stretchy pants. I die laughing every time.

"In the Jungle" - Ross finds out Marcel is now an actor, and so the friends go to the movie shoot and sing "In the Jungle" to get his attention. Joey gets all into it.

Ross and Rachel's first kiss.

Monica and Chandler getting caught in London.

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Jayne's song - the crew is in Canton, where they find a statue of Jayne, the rough and tumble muscle guy, who has become a folk hero for something he did on accident. After hearing the Jayne song, Wash says, "I want to go to the crappy little town where I'm a hero." And the look on the doctor's face during the song - priceless.

When the crew is trying to give the money back to the mobster guy, and his muscle guys come after them and they accidentally send one of the guys into the engine. The next guy is absolutely ready to cooperate after that.

When they go rescue River from being burned at the stake. "What does that make us?" Mal asks. "Big damn heroes, sir," Zoe replies.

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When Jack's butt is in a sling as he and Audrey try to escape somewhere and he makes a call, and Tony shows up in the nick of time.

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Burke and Cristina's first kiss

Burke and Cristina dancing just before he finds out she kept her apartment.

Burke getting in the hospital bed with Cristina after she breaks down after her miscarriage, even though her mother warns him she doesn't like to be touched.

"It's her turn." When Izzy goes to Denny's room after his transplant, after she's been interrogated for cutting the LVAD wire, after Denny has proposed to her. Bailey is in the room and tries to chase Izzy out but Denny says, "It's her turn," and Izzy accepts his proposal. They are just glowing with happiness.

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When the bad guys steal a horse for stud purposes, but need the *ahem* so they hire a hooker to get it from the horse.

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I love their songs. "See My Vest," when Mr. Burns steals the Simpson puppies to make a suit or something, and he does a song and dance about all the other animals he's killed for fashion.

The "Planet of the Apes" parody, especially "Dr. Zaius," sung like "Amadeus" and the line, "I love every ape I see, from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z."

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Buffy and Angel's first kiss

The prom scene where Angel shows up - I would have written it the same way!

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When Angel sings karaoke so Lorne will help him - he really mangled "Mandy."

The very last scene - "Personally, I want to slay the dragon."

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Sawyer and Kate's drinking game

Sawyer needing glasses.

There are a TON more, but I did have Open House last night and am a bit brain dead.

What can you add?


Kelly Boyce said...

Man I miss Buffy and Angel! Thank God for DVD. I'm finding it so hard to get into watching tv again this season. Maybe once Greys and Nine and Lost start up again I'll get a bit more jazzed.

Stephanie said...

I can't add anything, I just wanted to say that every time I watch that Friends episode where Ross and Rachel kiss for the first time, I cry! It's the best.

Oh, wait I have one! End of Sex and the City, when Carrie and Mr. Big finally hook up. Closure, finally!

Trish Milburn said...

Great examples.

Also from Serenity: in the cockpit and Wash says, "This is gonna be interesting." And Mal says, "Define interesting." Wash: "Oh, God, oh, God, we're all gonna die." And Mal gets on the intercom and says, "This is the captain. We may experience some turbulence, then explode." :)

On Angel, that parting scene in I Will Remember You. Man, I nearly cry just thinking about it. There are so many good Buffy & Angel moments, like when she forces him to drink from her to save his life, when he finally tells her he loves her in Surprise.

I also love Logan and Veronica's first kiss and the scene on the rooftop in the season 2 finale on Veronica Mars.

Esri Rose said...

That glasses picture from LOST is hysterical!! I've never seen the show.

Friends: The leather pants episode, when his hand slips and he hits himself in the face. Such a prime bit of physical comedy!

Your new sheets are bee-yoo-timus!!! And thank you so much for the birthday card. You're such a sweetie.

Tracy Montoya said...

I think every scene in season two of BtVS is my favorite. And I love that scene in season three where Faith thinks Angel is going to kill Buffy with her, and Buffy goes, "Psych!" I love the scene in Bones where Angela says her dad is coming to the office (where the staff is in quarantine) for Christmas, they'll all recognize him, and she doesn't want to talk about it--and it's one of the guys from ZZ Top! So random!

Like Kelly, I miss Buffy and Angel. And Firefly.

Tracy Montoya said...

Let me amend my above statement by exempting the scenes in Buffy with the slayerettes in season 7, any where Willow got whiny about Tara, and that one in the season premiere where that ghoulish thing was eating strips of Willow's stomach. Blech. Those were not my favorites.

MJFredrick said...

I'm sitting here cracking up at some of these - dang, Friends was good when Rachel wasn't a ditz and/or pregnant. Esri, I forgot about the leather pants scene! Or the first time Ross and Rachel make love and she rolls over on the juice box but thinks it's something else. (But seriously, who has a paleontology emergency??)

Honestly, I didn't start watching Buffy till season 5, so I'm accustomed to the DVDs.

Oh, Bosey, I loved that SatC scene, too! And when she goes out on the first date with him in that slinky dress. And when Samantha's boyfriend shaves his head for her.

Now, Trish, the I Will Remember You scene I like is when they're laying in bed eating ice cream. The happy, not the sad ;)

Tracy, YES on Billy Gibbons being Angela's dad - that whole episode was great. When is THAT coming on DVD? And I agree on all the Buffy amendments - the belly thing was just ICKY!

Thin Red Lion said...

*sniff* Add me to those who really miss the dickens out of Buffy and Angel.

Anonymous said...


The entire first episode. I can watch that one about a million times.

Almost all the scenes with Piper. Holly Marie Combs took a middle sister character and in the end made her the heart of the show.

Gotta love Cole. Good, bad, inbetween.

Paige in the fourth season. Probably the best written season of all.

Phoebe as an example of a character that truly evolves. From the first show to the last, a real character arc.

The scene with Piper and Leo on the Valentine's Day show at P3. The fantasy kiss Piper imagines...WHOA. That was probably the sexiest moment on the show.

Piper bringing Leo back to life by discovering that love is the trigger to his power. Sniffle.

The ending scene of the last show of the series, as aged Piper and Leo walk up the stairs past the photos of all of the family, as the newest generation plays downstairs. GREAT ending. Very moving.

I have a ton of others, but this is enough. :)

Joanna <---who, yeah, identified with Piper the most!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't want to think about Open House. It's coming soon!

I can't wait for Lost to start up again. I loved the glasses scene, too.

I also liked that Survivor episode where they mocked Survivors from previous seasons. It was funny!

Trish Milburn said...

Mary, I love the Angel ice cream scene too. That's how happy those two should be. :)

Tracy, that is a hysterical moment from Bones. I love that show too. So many of Hodgins' and Booth's one-liners are funny. My favorite, also from the Christmas episode, is when Booth says, "Nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus." LOL!

KATZ said...

On LOST - it's Kate and Sawyer's kiss in season 1! (I'm just now starting season 2 DVD's!)
She's mad at him and hates him, and he's like, bloody...LOL But then she kisses him, and he gives that little groan in the back of his throat...yeah, I rewound that a few times when dh wasn't home! :O

MJFredrick said...

Oh, I FORGOT about Sawyer and Kate's kiss!!! (I couldn't watch the torture scene, though - his cries of pain!) But, yeah, the noise he makes in his throat when he kisses her. SEXY!

I thought of one from King of the Hill, too. It's Bobby's birthday, and they get him a pinata, and his rough-and-tumble grandpa (who looks and sounds just like MY grandpa) pulls a shotgun and shoots the pinata. I crack up every time.

JoAnn, I've STILL never seen Charmed. Shame on me.

Michelle, hope your Open House goes as smoothly as mine, though I still haven't recovered....

MJFredrick said...

Colleen, YES on when Joey puts it together about Monica and Chandler! The look on his face! He was such a great character.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Okay, I'm really annoyed. I came back to see what else people posted after my comment...and it WASN'T HERE. That's TWICE (two different blogs).

I mentioned the bit of the Firefly episode in your original post, but the moment when Simon realizes he's not going to save his sister from being burned at the stake, so he steps up on the platform, puts his arms around her, and says, "Light it."

In Lost, YES, that kiss and Sawyer's groan. Also, right before Charlie and Claire are taken, and Charlie says, "I'll take care of you." I love when geeky men get intense. :)

MJFredrick said...

Natalie, blogger was having issues the other day - I couldn't get in at all. Wonder what was up.

I forgot entirely about the "Light it" scene! He's such a good brother. I've got to find out which disc that episode is on. My favorite episode is the one with the brothel, and Mal sleeps with the madam and Inara cries her eyes out. Oy!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

The episode is "Safe," and it's on disk 2. :)

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Natalie! I'll dig it out.

I might have to watch the last epi of Grey's tonight first, though ;)


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