Insane, I tell you!

Yesterday was insane. The boy woke up when I was paying bills (otherwise I would have been gone already) and his hand was swollen and blotchy. First thought - spider bite. Second thought - better call in FAST to get a sub! They don't like us to call in after 6:30 because the likelihood of the position being filled is low. SO I called my principal - voicemail. Called subfinder. Called Cindi - voicemail. Called school. No answer. Wrote out emergency lesson plans and emailed them to two members of my unit. Called school again - finally got an answer, told them what was going on.

Then I had to wait an hour for the dr's office to open. Called at 8:30 - busy. Called. Called. Finally got an appt at 10:30. Okay, could relax. I watched an hour of Beowulf and Grendal, then we left so I could go by the post office and the cleaners on the way (well, not really on the way, since the dr is just across the hwy, but you know what I mean.) Dropped off clothes, was longer in the post office, dropped $30 to mail a ms and two contest entries.

Went to dr, waited FOREVER. Finished reading my RWR and wrote two pages in my little pirate notebook. The boy came out, saying the dr thought it was an allergic reaction to a skeeter bite, and for him to take Benadryl. If that didn't work, she'd prescribed an antibiotic. So to reward ourselves for our freaked out morning, we went to Chick-Fil-A, came home and ate while watching AMC, since Supernatural STILL isn't here!

The boy is over 6 ft tall, and the Benadryl knocked him on his butt. I watched the rest of Beowulf and he watched Lost and played on the computer while I napped and finished reading What, No Roses?

I got up and checked my email to find that, probably 5 minutes after the last time I checked my email, my agent had emailed asking for copies of my ms.

Only I didn't even have a full ream of paper!

I ran to WalMart and dropped ANOTHER $30 on paper (8 mss worth of 24 lb) and got myself Halloween cookies as a reward. Spent the next FOUR HOURS printing 8 mss. I was just praying the toner would hold out. So today I have to run back to the post office with four flat rate boxes and spend ANOTHER $30. (This is all pre-GH entry, too!)

I saw Bones, kind of, because of the printing, and watched the first two episodes of The Unit (which is GREAT if you're writing Special Forces!) Writing? Other than the two pages in the dr's office, I wrote my last newsletter article as librarian (YAY) and two blogs.

Seriously, going to work would have been less stressful!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. (((Mary))) that's a busy day {:0

Stacy Dawn said...

Oh wow, what a day! Hope your son is better.

Colleen Gleason said...

Okay, so this is freaky.

My 5 y.o. woke up this morning with a rash all over her body, after having a really weird swollen/stiff lip the night before (we put ice on it and it calmed down; thought she hit her face on the bed when she was sleeping)--we called the dr office, couldn't get through for an hour and a half (meantime got ready to drive down there), got to the dr office to find out their phones hadn't been working all morning.

Saw the dr, was told it was hives and they didn't know what it was from, told us to give her BENADRYL...and it knocked her on her butt all day too.

She's still got the rash, it comes and goes. She's still on Benadryl.

But I did not get a call from my agent asking for copies of my ms today. ;-) Nor did I get to watch any Gerard Butler flicks.

Glad that you're getting those ms out there, Mary! Lots of good vibes coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Hugs, Mary!

My son was home from school today with a high fever and sore throat. Poor baby. Guess it was a day for illness!

Hope your son is better now.

MJFredrick said...

OOH, hugs on the sick kiddos, Colleen and Michelle! Hope they're better today. Mine is, but it is sure funny to see a big guy like that felled by some little pills.


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