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After taking that "50 Books in a Year" course, I made my calendar through 2007. Scary busy.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a movie review.

The movie I’ve watched this last month that I was most moved by was RENT. It was disturbing to watch, in parts, the fringe life of the artists, many of them gay and HIV positive. The relationships were confusing to follow at first, but then so intertwined and poignant. I cried for a good part of the end. Some of the songs were meh, but I really liked “La Vie Boheme.” And there was one girl who was just stunning. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She is so going to be a heroine in one of my books.

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V for Vendetta was a LOT better than I thought it would be. While it was pretty bloody at the end, it wasn’t nasty gross. It was a pretty interesting commentary that could be applied to our own government, and the relationship that evolved between V and Natalie Portman’s character was intriguing. I guess the bloodiness at the end counted for the R rating. Otherwise, I’m baffled.

Ring Two was not as good as the first. Simon Baker was in it, though. Actually, a lot of people were in it, in teeny parts. And it was lonnnng!

Inside Man was not as exciting as I hoped. In fact, it was a lot of not exciting-ness. Another movie that had me wondering about the R-rating. Language, I guess. It did inspire a dream about Clive Owen, so I guess that was worth it.

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The Benchwarmers was such a guy movie. I don’t even remember much except that Rob Schneider had a hot wife. Yeah, that’s Hollywood. My ds LOVED it – thought it was the best movie EVER.

Poseidon – you seen one, you seen ‘em all. Seriously. Not even very cool effects. On the plus side, only an hour and a half.

The Zodiac. Okay, to be fair, I didn’t expect much. I rented it for Justin Chambers, and I knew it was based on a true serial killer who was never caught. But oh. Dear. God. How can a movie about a serial killer be so BORING? And all this stuff like the son of the detective (Justin) working on the code the serial killer sent them, and I’m thinking, kid breaks the code. Only not. Lots of atmosphere, lots of period props (it was set in the late 60s). Only, the period stuff LOOKED old. It was NEW then, people. There was one cool scene where you see the serial killer guy coming in broad daylight. Not so much cool, I guess, as creepy. But memorable.

As is Justin Chambers trying to smoke. Seriously. He was so not a smoker.

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What have you seen lately? Anything good?


Tracy Montoya said...

I just watched Take the Lead. Enjoyed it, up until the ending, which was so cloying and unrealistic, I wanted to throw things at my TV.

Other than that, I've just been watching TV shows. Oh! I saw Snakes on a Plane! What an awesomely great, hilarious bad movie! Loved it so much, I can hardly stand myself.

Amie Stuart said...

I could take or leave Take the Lead.
Poseidon I agree.
I LOVED V and yes it made me think of our own government also--as did Good Night and Good Luck which I also enjoyed though it's not my usual thing.
I actually liked Inside Man! And Benchwarmers--youre right a guy movie but I LAUGHED! And the same for The Ringer which I just adored (maybe it comes from living with a retarded brother all my life).
Silent Hill pissed me off--hated the ending.
The Ring gave me nightmares so I'll never watch The RIng 2!

MJFredrick said...

I'm definitely renting Snakes when it comes out. Take the Lead was out both times I went to BB.

Good Night and Good Luck was a lot like our gov't, but a whole lotta nada happened.

Speaking of bad movies, I have Transylvania 6-5000 to watch after Prison Break tonight. I love that awful movie.


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