What I Didn't Do This Weekend

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I didn't clean house.

I didn't cook.

I didn't change my purse.

I didn't change my toenail polish.

I didn't color my roots.

I didn't work on Hot Shot.

I didn't work on Alex.

I didn't watch any DVDs.

I didn't call my brother.

I didn't sit in my patio chair.

What didn't you do this weekend?

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Amie Stuart said...

I didn't write =(
I didn't sit in my patio chair either but we got some rain on Sunday and Saturday I ran errands all day.

I only change my purse a couple times a year. Hehe-heathen

Colleen Gleason said...

Hmmm...I didn't write either.

I took a nap on Saturday with my hubby while the kids were at the zoo with their old nanny (and their new one).

I gave a birthday party for my 10yo daughter (see my blog for what happened when I tried to replicate the paint-filled balloons/making of a piece of modern art scene from The Princess Diaries).

I got ready to meet with our accountant to file our (extended) taxes.

That's about it.

Tracy Montoya said...


God, I'm so doomed.

Trish Milburn said...

I didn't write either. For some reason, I was really tired and just vegged. Well, I mulled a new story idea in my brain -- does that count?

Anonymous said...

I didn't clean my house either. But I rarely clean my house, so I don't think anyone even realized. :-)
My toenails are in scary condition. I haven't fixed my polish in a month. UGH.

April said...

I didn't do any of those things either. Which isn't a big deal, cause I don't think your brother was expecting me to call anyway ;-). But I should have done some writing... :-(

MJFredrick said...

We got rain, too, though not till Sunday night. And I only change my purse a couple times a year, but I wanted a darker purse this week instead of the spring plaid.

Hey, something else I didn't do - nap on Saturday! Or have a hamburger! My Saturday routine.

{{{{{{{{TRACY}}}}}}}}} You'll get there. You've done this before!

LOL, April!

Mary Beth, I'd changed nail polish last week, and the polish I'd had on before had lasted over a month! Since inservice week! This was an OPI and didn't last a week! I wore close toed shoes.

I did write on Surface, though, so it was not a total loss. Except the house. It's bad.


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