Grey's Anatomy - spoilers from last night

I did not like Grey's Anatomy last night.

I know, shocker. But it felt - off a beat. Just not right.

I loved that Callie rode to Meredith's rescue, but don't you think George would have loved her all the more if he knew she'd covered for his friend???

Alex has shown no growth.

Cristina is SO selfish.

I get that Bailey is upset with Izzy, but the scene where she goes to the house fell flat. I know Izzy is in a place now where she's not ready to fight back, and I know Bailey isn't one to show her emotions, but it just felt - I guess I just would have done it differently. I may, later, too!

And as much as I loved seeing McSteamy (OMG OMG OMG, WHY didn't I tape this show instead of Supernatural?) that felt like a huge cop-out. Derek can't be the bad guy for leaving his wife now. Well, he wasn't a bad guy for leaving his wife, necessarily. He was a wienie for not making the right choice in the first place.

So, did you see it? Did you like it? Am I skewed because I was so invested in the Denny/Izzy story that now is so back-burnered?

Sorry I couldn't find any pics of him towel-clad. I bet I'll be able to find them tomorrow!

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Dee Tenorio said...

Hey Mary!

I liked parts. I couldn't believe Alex slept with Cancer Lady, but then, Alex wasn't intended to grow. He has no intentions to grow and any growth he makes, he usually resents. Just because he held Izzy doesn't mean he's not still reeling from her rejection.

I never let myself get attached to Denny, so I don't feel his loss as deeply as some. Oh, I cried like a baby when he died, but I always figured he wouldn't make it. I invested myself in Christina and Burke. I mean, she IS selfish, but she's also able to be good to her friends. She's highly insular and if you think about it, Burke is selfish too. He wants her and he's dragging her kicking and screaming into caring about him. She never gets her equilibrium. And let's face it, Mrs. Burke is out to push her buttons. It'll be fun.

I didn't think of it taking any blame away from Derek. I think it was just a reminder that he didn't end his marriage alone. He was starting to take full blame and really, they both were flogging a dead horse. At least now they can let go and just admit it's over.

Anyone else feel like we're getting a clean slate?

Toni Anderson said...

I watched ER... Sorry.

But ER was fantastic :D

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Hi Mary. I absolutely adored last night's episode. To me it felt right that Addison would turn to McSteamy to get over the end of her marriage, just the way she turned to him, to get Derek to sit up and take notice. She's just using him. As for Alex, he takes two steps forward, and one back. He knows that people think he's an asshole but he doesn't care. Love Callie, and love the fact that George was jealous. Loved the Izzy and Bailey scene. And really loved the scene with Webber and Callie. Just loved the whole thing.

MJFredrick said...

Dee, true about Derek not ending his marriage alone, but I was really liking Addison, and I thought Derek was treating her like crap there at the end.

But clean slate, yeah, makes sense.

Elizabeth, didn't you think the Izzy/Bailey scene was too short? Both women are really mourning the guy, and I guess I hoped they'd either tear into each other, or sympathize. I felt the scene was just to get Izzy back to the hospital, with nothing else motivating the scene.

I am liking Callie LOTS more now - I couldn't stand her last year, but I still think George would've thought it was great that she covered for Meredith.

Dixie Belle said...

I never watch TV anymore. I feel so out of it.

Anonymous said...

Liked the episode. Loved the last scene. I'm not a big Derek fan. I don't think Alex had grown that much, but we're getting a lot of interesting clues into his past that make him a more interesting character. I hope next week is bnetter. This week wasn't emotional enough. I LOVED the cancer patient eating dessert. LOVED it. And wish they would've done more with that idea, that you live your whole life without really living and then all the sudden here's the big chance. I think maybe they tried to do too much so you didn't get enough of any one thing.

MJFredrick said...

Dixie, every time I try to get away from TV, it dragggs me back in with great writing! I started watching Grey's because of Mary Beth and Dee's blogs!

Mary Beth, I felt the same about the season premier - they're cramming too much in! Slow DOWN, Shonda!!!


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