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Haven't done this in awhile - but then, have been watching more series than movies!

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I watched Akeelah and the Bee last weekend. I’d heard about it when I started my Starbucks obsession last fall, and my mom had free tickets, but by the time she had time, it wasn’t in the theaters any longer. So I put it in my queue, and Blockbuster sent it to me instead of Supernatural.
It was good! IT was about a little girl from a poor, rundown school. The principal wants the schoolboard to hear something GOOD about the school for a change, and he wants to start with a spelling bee. Akeelah doesn’t want to be labeled a “schoolgirl” by her peers, so the principal blackmails her into the competition. She handily beats kids who can’t spell words like “grovel,” but finds no joy into it, till she meets her coach, a former spelling bee champion played by Laurence Fishburne.
Their relationship is the heart of the movie, but the teacher in me liked the underdog story. I would show it to my class, but it had a four letter word, and ”ass” two times. Tell me why they had to stick bad words in a PG movie?

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Just My Luck was a cute romantic comedy. I didn’t really like how it started, and a little slapstick goes far, but I did like the ending, though I would have had her angst over her decision a little longer.

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I bought The Miracle Match because Gerard Butler was in it, and it had such limited release, I didn’t think Blockbuster would have it. It’s about a 1950 soccer team in St. Louis who are recruited to represent the US in the World Cup, I think it is.
If you’ve seen one underdog sports movie, you’ve seen this one. Gerry showed some pretty athletic moves as the team goalie, and it was cute how he spoke in an American accent, but unless you’re a Gerry fan or a soccer fan….

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Beowulf and Grendal is…interesting. Gorgeous scenery, indecipherable dialogue. I need to watch it again with the subtitles. Good message about tolerance, and Gerry looked gooooooood. Big. Broad shouldered, big hands. Formidable. Lots of cussing. More action than I expected. Mixed review, but if you’re a Gerry fan, it’s not to be missed! I will probably watch it again today if Supernatural doesn’t come.

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I’ve also been watching The Unit, which, if you’re writing military heroes, is a great resource. You see what kind of men they are, what kind of women they love (my favorite part) and the missions they go on.

What have you seen lately?


Anonymous said...

Great reviews, and I loved the pics. I've read Beowulf - interesting, but the language is rather difficult indeed. And I heard a lot about the "Bee" movie. What do I watch? "Decisiones" - it's not really a telenovela, but every time there new characters and a new story. Sometimes "Scrubs", sometimes
"Nip/Tuck" and, of course, "Grey's Anatomy", though I've missed the last one (I've read your prevous post, so it made me thinking...) Interesting that for a person who doesn't like hospitals I watch so many medical shows... I hope you'll have a great week-end, Mary!

Trish Milburn said...

I've most been watching TV series from Netflix -- first Supernatural and now Felicity. But I did go see The Covenant. Enjoyed it though I saw some areas where I thought it could have been improved.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to find Beowulf for my daughter, the future English teacher...she'll love it.

J <--whose daughter reads Lord Byron for "fun"

MJFredrick said...

Olga, I don't think the Beowulf movie is true to the language, but they sure have a conglomeration of accents! Interesting indeed about the medical shows!

JoAnn, your daughter will probably REALLY like Beowulf, though she might find it untrue to the story. I don't know, I read it as a freshman in HS and didn't like it then. But she is a Gerry fan!

Anonymous said...

Personally I think The Unit is (or rather was) the best show on television. Its cancellation in March '09 was a tragedy because it was such a great alternative to the crap like Survivor and Big Brother that gets renewed year after year after year.

Another show I recommend you catch is called Jericho. It focuses on the population of a small Kansas town named Jericho that attempt to survive after a nuclear terrorist attack wipes out 23 major American cities and destabilizes the US government. Life in America then reverts to a city-state society where most cities and towns (especially in rural states like Kansas) become responsible for providing their own defense and supplies. Great cast, awesome characters, and a story that will keep you hooked. I highly recommend it.

MJFredrick said...

Oh, I loved Jericho! Was so sad when it was canceled.


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