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I got this idea from Peggy. I'm more impressed with this season than she was, though ;)

Sundays - Law and Order C.I. It's always been a good show. Chris Noth is reprising his Mike Logan role, going from his expensive Sex and the City wardrobe to copwear. I'm mainly watching for hints that his life has changed over the past dozen years or so since he left L&O. So far, no hint it has. The cases are making me squirm, though. B-

Mondays - Surface. I didn't really like the first couple of shows, but it's gotten better. I don't know how long the premise can go on, though. I mean, a lot of people saw one of the monsters the last time, though they can't prove it. What next? B

Las Vegas. Okay, never a GOOD show, but this year it seems to be floundering over what it wants to do. They blew up the casino the end of last year, but I don't see what difference it made. Will watch as long as Josh Duhamel is on though. C

Tuesday - Bones. I only saw three shows, then baseball. Will give it another chance when it comes back on. David Boreanaz with stubble. Yum. C

My Name Is Earl. I verrrrry rarely watch sitcoms, but this one is HI-larious. Yes, white trash humor, but so unique and funny. LOVED the episode where he'd faked his own death instead of breaking up with a girl. A+

Wednesday - Lost. Love love love it. Am looking forward to the meeting of the groups, the discovery of what happened to the other survivors, the "where's Walt" mystery. A

Invasion. I'm liking this series over time, though again I wonder how long the premise can drag out. The sheriff is just creepy, and the blonde is intriguing. And there's Russ. I'm seeing a pattern here. B+

Thursday - Alias. I have to admit I've only seen the first episode and I was upset. I have the last three on tape, will report when I've seen them. C

Night Stalker. I used to love this show when I was a girl. the cases are intriguing, if gross, and Stuart Townsend misses being handsome, by what, I don't know. C-

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Anonymous said...

I don't watch much TV...I watch Lost, which I love more now than I did! I still watch Charmed, which is okay this season, but the run of the show is about done, I seems tired, finished. I watch reruns of Firefly with Scott. I watch Commander in Chief because that is also one of Scott's fav shows (my DH is an evolved creature now!)---I enjoy it, I love Geena Davis in the role. I watch Night Stalker because that is my daughter's fav show (she would mightily disagree with you on Stuart Townsend, Mar...she thinks he's the hottest...). I end up watching a lot of shows because the family watches them! But I like it. :)

MJFredrick said...

I haven't watched Commander in Chief because as much as I loved West Wing, I never could keep up with it.

What is hot about Stuart? I admit he was handsome in Queen of the Damned and even League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but in this - is it the hairline? The eyebrows? Something bothers me.

Trish Milburn said...

I'm enjoying Commmander in Chief too. Love the idea of an Independent female president going in and getting things done. I was a huge West Wing fan, but I fell out of watching in last year.

Am also a Survivor junkie. It's the only reality show I don't miss. The only other I've ever watched on a regular basis is American Idol. Where is that, btw?

Needless to say, I LOVE Lost and am enjoying Invasion.

Anonymous said...

Commander In Chief is great, and Survivor too. I watch Invasion and Surface and Nightstalkers. LOL the list could go on and on }:)

Anonymous said...

Mar, my DH says our daughter thinks Stuart is hot because he looks like...a 16 year old boy, the same age as her! LOL Stuart probably wouldn't like that assessment, but I've gotta agree with the DH...that IS what he looks like. Just put him in jeans and he could be in the hallway of any local high school.


MJFredrick said...

A 16 year old with a receding hairline, maybe ;)

Janice, Earl is just the funniest. We started watching because Jason Lee used to be a skateboarder, but it's just bust-your-gut funny. Like when his girlfriend was teaching him papier mache, he said, "She found a way to make the newspaper even MORE boring."


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