I Survived.

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This cat looks like my Napoleon, otherwise known as Jerk Cat.

Anyway, I barely survived my speech last night. The Latino Writer Society was VERY gracious and wonderful, but I was SO nervous. I stammered and stuttered my way through the talk, and went on tangents...oh, dear. I won't put myself or anyone else through that again. I did get some gorgeous roses and a B&N gift card, which was awesome! Now....what to buy? One of my cps has a new book out this week, Baring Arms. Maybe I'll wait and use it for that.

I am caught up on my Nano goals. I wanted 19000 words by yesterday and I ended up with 19038. I didn't go to lunch with the other teachers, then came home, wrote my blog for Simply Romance Reviews, reached my goal, made dinner and got dressed. At least tonight I'm home after tutoring. I want to get Hellboy on the way home, though. My hero and heroine are stuck in the middle of a battle for the fort-not sure how I'm going to get them out of this one.

On the Mama Kitty front, she and Skippy are currently less than 3 feet from each other on the couch. Progress. I bought her her own litter box, and she feels she must scratch approximately 500 times. Apparently I have OCD kitty.

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L M Gonzalez said...

Mary, you did great! Whenever I speak in front of people, I feel like I've babbled my way through. Afterwards, people tell me I made sense. You made sense.

I could have throttled Jose for asking you if your book was "graphic". I think you handled it very well. I didn't think of a quick comeback until this morning. Next time I see him I'll set him straight. Maybe I'll wait until he buys my book. LOL

Anyway, you did great and we're going to invite you back, however, you can be in a panel if you don't want to be by yourself.

Thanks, Mary.

Unknown said...

Way to go on reaching 19,038 words by today. I'm not doing NaNo at all this year. I had too many projects I absolutely had to do. But I wish I could. Next year. Good luck with reaching your goal.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks for saying so, Lupe! Jose didn't bother me, but it did surprise me! Not as much as the gift card, though! I was so tickled!

Ashley, thanks! I love the challenge of Nano. One of my friends just dropped out because another writing contract obligation came up and she's feeling like a failure and I'm telling her, "This is a GOOD reason not to finish Nano!!!"


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