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I picked up the ds from school around 5:30 and he drove home after we got dinner (Church's). We were turning into the neighborhood, having assessed the oncoming vehicle was far enough back. And the car in front of us STOPS in the middle of the road to CHAT with the person in the car coming the opposite way! We're hanging in oncoming traffic! I told the ds that THAT was when you use your horn. Yeesh.

So, yeah, I didn't even sit down to write until 7. I'd been home about 20 minutes when the ds called me to get him, since yesterday was tutoring and my last student was picked up 15 minutes late. And then, well, it was Thursday, so I watched The Office and then switched over to Grey's. I had NO idea JDM would be on again! And talking this time! I am so buying this season on DVD. AND he'll be on again for a long-awaited love scene with Izzy.

Only on SPN, we'll have part 2 of last night's episode, and Dean will have a romantic scene with the angel whisperer. And, you know, Supernatural and good vs evil and all that.

I think I'll have to Tivo Grey's and watch SPN. I did lose audio for about 8 minutes on last night's episode of SPN. Was not happy.

Oh, also there's a new Watchmen trailer! Woot!

So anyway, not a lot of writing yesterday. 179 of the words were during lunch, though, and I did delete some stuff, which you aren't supposed to do, but if I can still meet my goal while doing it, why not just make it cleaner? I should be able to get some catching up done today.

Today I'm all over the place. I'm at Samhain at 9 AM and Trish interviewed me about my latest release, Bull by the Horns. Come say hey!



Anonymous said...

I'm not doing NaNo. I'm just working on the current wip, slow and steady.


Anonymous said...

Mar, btw, I finally have a blogger again....


and a new MySpace...



L M Gonzalez said...

I liked the fact that Denny was haunting Izzie. This showed that she hadn't moved on as far as she'd thought. She still has issues to work on. But last night's episode was unbelievable. How will the writers explain this? Is Denny a ghost now? Has he come alive? Is Gray's Anatomy going paranormal?

I know we all wish a loved one would come back to us, but in this show, this is too unbelievable for me. Even if Denny is nice on the eyes.


P.S. I'm enjoying "Life on Mars". Takes me back to my high school days. Man, did we dress wild! LOL

Welcome back, Joanna

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lupe...and yes, Life on Mars is a trip!! The clothes, the hair, all of it! A blast from the past...wish I'd saved my husband's green leisure suit, LOL.


MJFredrick said...

I'll add you to my sidebar, J! I added you to my Google reader already.

I need a MySpace for my pseudonym. Most of my "friends" are my students!

Lupe, I've heard theories online about what's going on with Izzie. I don't care what happens as long as I get my Denny! I bought this week's episode at iTunes. I also loved the Cristina/Major McHottie kiss. DANG, that was steamy!

I tried Life on Mars but the scenery just did me in. Sad, to not give it a chance based on that, isn't it?


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