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I've been to breakfast, to the nursery, to a cute little boutique and JoAnn Fabrics. I've done my newsletter for the first time since August, tried to update my website and fed all the animals. Oh, and I replaced my laptop. I believe I can sell the broken one back, and the new (used) one should be here by early next week.

I also bought the Sexiest Man Alive People. Other than Hugh and Javier, I didn't agree much. Michael Cera was in there and none of the J's were? (That's Jared, Jensen and JDM. Oh, and Justin Chambers.) Also, only a teeny picture of Gerard Butler. Hmph. They need to consult me.

I haven't written a word, though, and I'm going to take a nap. I need to cut 7000 words! But I did get Baby Brother to help me with some research. And we discovered the man who we thought was one of the Old 300 (the first Americans in Texas) was actually here 11 years before that. And he was an herb doctor. Cool.



MicheleKS said...

Hugh Jackman looked absolutely delish in that issue but People's taste and mine tend to diverge pretty good from there. Saw a preview for 'Australia' and defintely have to see it.

Kristie said...

Where did you get a used laptop from? And if you don't mind me asking, can you give me a ballpark figure on how much you paid for it? I am thinking of getting a new one, but really do not want or need a brand new one. Thanks in advance!

MJFredrick said...

I want to see Australia, too. I think some of the SARAs are going, but I'm not committing to ANYTHING this week, besides TG dinner!

Kristie, I went to I bought my G3 there in April and it lasted until September. Not GREAT, but what I could spend at the time, which was $300. I got this one for the same price. And it's pink ;) Problem is, it's older and most places won't fix them for what it would cost to buy another.


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