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I've been trying to figure out what to listen to next after that terrible terrible audiobook I listened to the last couple of weeks. I tried SHUTTER ISLAND by Lehane, I think. Only 5 discs. I listened to one, but it didn't catch me, so I tried HEART SHAPED BOX by Joe Hill.





I could have been late for work driving around listening to that thing. Wow. My friend Dawn had recommended it a couple of years ago, but you know...time flies. My ONLY concern is that a lot that could have been revealed later has already been revealed, so I'm wondering if the ante will be upped or if it will flatten out. You know he's Stephen King's son, right? I think if he keeps it up, he can give Daddy a run for his money.

Most of you know this already because you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, but I was interviewed for a Houston paper yesterday. Cool!

Trish is coming next weekend and we're heading to Corpus. I need a car charger for my laptop so I can finish my edits on the drive.

Saw Bolt last night. Was pretty cute. Now my Netflix queue shows all the movies I want available. Go, Netflix!



Mary Curry said...

Hi Mary, I almost bought that book several times. Do you think it's just the audio that's so spectacular or would it also be a great read?

I spent last night catching up on CASTLE online. I love that show but just heard it's on the "likely to be canceled" list. :( Figures.

Congrats on the newspaper interview! It's probably a good thing I write for my own amusement only. I would be so not good at promoting myself.

MJFredrick said...

The prose is so rich, I think it might actually be a better read than audio, though the actor is pretty good. I listen to a lot of audio books and the actors make the difference sometimes. That might be part of the problem I had with that last book, and I can't listen to Suz. Brockmann books because of the actors.

Don't tell me that about "Castle!" Poor Nathan....he can't catch a break.

Self promo has been the HARDEST thing for me. It's really hard to not sound like a snot, you know?

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I don't believe that about Castle. It's got better ratings than just about any other ABC show that's not named "Dancing with the Stars." If they cancel all their shows that have a 7 or lower, they will have zero prime time programming.


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