So, Yesterday

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(I'm pretty sure I used that one last year, but computer is SLOOOOOOWWWW today.)

Yesterday I did something I very rarely do.

I stopped.

When I came home, I took my computer out back, along with a bottle of beer and a can of Pringles (Onion Blossom flavor. Oh. So. Good.) I read email and caught up on Twitter and started to read through some blogs, but I got restless and put the computer inside. I went to get a book of baby names for characters in another short story, but decided I didn't feel like doing that either. And since I'd already met my goals for yesterday (and today), I stopped. I sat back and watched the world. I appreciated my flowers. I played with my dog and brushed her. I just...stopped.

Okay, it was maybe 20 minutes, but still. I forgot how to do that.

I'm not blogging as much lately because it's more of the same...revised, worked, dug holes in the yard, watched TV. I should be getting my Surface cover soon.

Trish is coming this weekend, and I'm getting ready for her visit as well. We're heading down to Corpus. We'll tour the Kings Ranch, then go to a rodeo, then come home and Fiesta! Oh, and then my bday barbecue on Sunday.

I realized yesterday I can count on both hands the number of nights I've spent away from the dh, in 22 years. Will be weird Friday night!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :)

CandaceCalvert said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mary! And SO glad you stopped . . . and enjoyed your "now" moment. I'm finding those simple joys more and more important. And revitalizing.
Enjoy your upcoming adventure!

Mary Curry said...

Happy Birthday, Mary! Hope you had a great day.

Love the kitty picture because tomorrow is my kitty's birthday.


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