A Couple More Days Like Yesterday....

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Got both bathrooms and kitchen cleaned, submitted Texas, got through 28 pages on Surface, went to lunch with the family, fried chicken for supper, finished reading Kleypas and went to Lowe's for more plants (and found the new front door I want.)

Am NOT caught up on Tivo, email or the Google Reader, however. Still, a couple more days like yesterday and I'd be done with revisions, the house would be clean and I'd have time to sew!

Today's tutoring. 3 more days, counting today. That extra hour makes a difference, let me tell you! Less than 40 days of school.

I'm primarily working on Surface since it's due in 2 weeks, and working on Texas after that. So you get Gerry for a couple of weeks!



Kelly Boyce said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just reading that!! Good luck! And I can handle Gerry for a few weeks. ;)

MJFredrick said...

:) I got a lot done today, too. Feels good!


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