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I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Ours was really nice, the weather gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky, and the entire family was there. Baby Brother took a portrait, and even Healing Brother (who looks great, btw) had his older dog in the pic! I think it's a bit far away, but I didn't actually see it other than on the viewfinder. Ate TONS, came home and finished revisions on the partial of the Texas book. I want to read over one more time this AM, then get started on Surface revisions.

Lately I've seen some YA books that have intrigued me. Two are on my library hold list and the third is on my Amazon wishlist.

This one is about children of vampire royalty and the school they attend:


This one's about zombies, and I used to read the blog where this author would post.


This one, well, the name says it all, plus I "know" her from eHarlequin.


Yes, all paranormal. Considering that's the smallest shelf in my TBR, I'm a bit surprised myself.

I'd also like to finish reading the Lisa Kleypas today, so I can turn it in. And I need to decide which book to listen to next on my iPod.

Do you read YA? Which titles do you like?

Oh, and did you see Harper's Island? We're talking about it at Supernatural Sisters. I'd love to hear what you think!



Stephanie said...

Hey Mary!
Personally, I'm not into paranormal, but I do like YA. Some of the books they put out are very smart and edgy. My writing buddy, Nelsa, just sold her first YA book and when I first read it, I couldn't put it down. Just goes to show -- it's not about the age of the heroine or the characters, it's about the story.

Hope all is well with you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stephenie Meyer's new book THE HOST is paranormal and really good. No sex.

If you like fantasy, I started the Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind. I've read Wizard's First Rule and Stone Of Tears. Both are wonderful.

Trish J.

Charity Tahmaseb said...

You know I read YA. ;-) All kinds. Let me know your mood and I'll be glad to recommend a title.

mary beth said...

i LOVE YA. PC and Kristen Cast are my favorite right now.

MJFredrick said...

Stephanie! I saw that you're working on your women's fiction. I'm glad to see you're excited about writing! How cool for your friend. Tell her congratulations, and let me know when it comes out.

Trish, how WEIRD. The music teacher gave me the first book in Sword of Truth. I haven't started it, but I've been watching the show, LEGEND OF THE SEEKER. Love the romance.

Charity! Yours is another book on my actual wishlist. Or maybe I preordered. I think I ordered it with Trish Milburn's HAR. Can't wait to read it!

Mary Beth, I've heard PC Cast is awesome. I love her covers.


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