A Few of My Favorite Things--Summer Edition

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Yesterday was an incredibly productive day. I am ALMOST done with my Texas revisions---about 15 more pages. I met my writing goal for the paranormal, cleaned the rooms I was supposed to clean, went for a walk, made dinner and dessert from SCRATCH, and read 60 pages of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Also watched SLITHER on DVD and one episode of COMANCHE MOON, set 25 years after my historical, but hey.

Today does not look as promising. The ds worked until 3:30 last night (AC on a restaurant with my brother, coolest time of day), so dh and I slept a little later than normal. Also, may have to go get FRIDAY THE 13TH at Blockbuster since Netflix doesn't seem to want to send it to me and I NEED it. And ds's gf is coming over. Still, will get going on that walk as soon as I'm done here.

I have new favorite things this time of year.

1) Gold Canyon candle--pool towel scent. Yum!


2) Bath and Body Works White Citrus scrub

3) Off Mosquito Lantern--if only it would work for flies


4) Flavored lemonade---I had fresh-squeezed on Saturday, but this one's good, too.


5) Pledge Pet Hair Remover--especially now since the dh figured out how to empty it so I don't have to throw it away (!!!!!) when it gets full. You know, like after brushing one couch.


What are some of your favorite things this summer?

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Elisabeth Crisp said...

Favorite stuff: Fresh tomatoes. I went to the farmers market at the Pearl Brewery. Tecate with lime. Homemade popcicles made with Fruit Punch Gatorade. Neutragena Sesame Formula Body Oil. Reading trashy novels at the pool while my kids swim. I really like it when someone else is reading what I've read, and we can talk trashy novels while the kids swim. Sunglasses and no eye makeup. I love summer.

MJFredrick said...

Oh, we went to the farmers market the first week it opened. I wanted to go back this weekend, but was tired!

I used to make homemade popsicles, too. Mmm.

No alarm clock, no make-up and no hair products, too ;)

Mary Curry said...

Being able to stay up as late as I want reading because I don't have to get up early.

MJFredrick said...

Yes! Or getting up early and going back to bed ;)

Charity Tahmaseb said...

I need one of those pet hair things for the incredible shedding dog.

MJFredrick said...

Sometimes I think we should skip the middle man and just vacuum the dog....as much as we brush her, she still sheds like crazy.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Wow! Productive indeed!

Ooooh, how did you figure out how to open the pet hair thing? I want to do it, too!

And favorite summer things...kettle corn is what immediately comes to mind.

MJFredrick said...

The dh said he used a small screwdriver to pry one end of one roller out (very gently) of the pet hair remover. He showed me just now and it doesn't look too hard.

Mm, kettle corn. Maybe that will be my snack tonight while the dh is playing.


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