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I know that as soon as I say this, I'm going to have typos here. I know, no matter how carefully I read over it, there's going to be a mistake.

Because I'm ranting today about typos in blog posts, emails, book excerpts, and especially in the latest muddle over at ESPAN. I saw editors--editors! Who I know and trust!-- misuse it's and its. Many of the writers misspelled and misused words, which did not help the cause, you know? I understand a lot of the responses were written in the heat of passion, but people. Read what you've written.

Just today, an author tried to "wet" my appetite for a book.

Often, they wish to "peak" my interest.

Oh, and at the bakery the other day, the label on a pack of bread products declared it hamburger bun's. Like I tell my kids--the rules haven't changed since 1st grade. More than one--add an S, not an apostrophe S!

I'm certainly not perfect. I misuse lie and lay, and further and farther. But if you are presenting yourself as a writer, do your best to know the rules!!!

Rant over.

I wrote 4000+ words yesterday. This morning, I planned to sleep in (even took a Tylenol PM to see if I could sleep until dawn), and my big boy kitty crashed open the bedroom door. Now he's stretched out (see, I was going to use lie/lay but wasn't sure so I changed it) beside my chair, all innocent. Yesterday I didn't walk or do any sewing. I think I'll go for my walk now, then come home and write, then sew during All My Children.

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Anonymous said...

My first publisher's editor in chief had this problem. Misspellings, incorrect punctuation and improper word use filled her professional correspondence. I used to wonder, "If this is the person in charge, how bad is this going to get?" I got out of there before I found out the answer was...pretty bad.

It seems to be everywhere---signs on the front of businesses, articles in the newspaper, ads on television. TNT has an ad that says, "More Movies, Less Commercials." Less is for quantity, FEWER is for number. It should be "More Movies, Fewer Commercials".

Sorry for the respond rant. I understand what you're saying.

Marianne Arkins said...

I think word misuse bugs me more than anything else. Like the "whet/wet" and "peek/peak/pique". It's/its is EASY people... if it isn't "it is" it is "its". A no brainer.


So, yeah, I'm right there with you. And, when you're representing yourself as a writing professional, then you should make every effort to polish all your work (this includes blog posts, and messages on Yahoo). It's just not that difficult.

To Anon: I agree -- if you can count it, it is "fewer". Again, a no brainer.

People are just lazy, IMHO. Words are my business. If I was a brain surgeon, I'd certainly study anatomy. I'm a wordsmith -- I study language and grammar.

Okay /rant


Trish Milburn said...

This is one of my big pet peeves. Drives me crazy.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...



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