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Y'all, I stink at decisions. I waffle, I debate, I lie awake at night, I stress six ways from Sunday.

I had a big decision to make this past couple of weeks. I initiated the change, and then when the ball came back in my court, I didn't really know what I wanted. On the one hand, there was good and bad, and on the other hand there was good and bad. Classic dilemma, come to think about it, based on what we're learning in class. (Our current theme is risk and consequence.) I took a risk, I had a consequence that involved taking another risk.

I chose the risk that was least disruptive to my life. My dh says I fear change. Well, who doesn't?

I'm thinking about entering contests again. Only which contests and which books? Decisions.

I'm awake this early on a Saturday morning after being up past midnight to get my son from a dance because I have other, less important decisions to make. (And it's bloody hot! 80 degrees at 7 AM!) Like, should I buy Supernatural on DVD from or just wait till Blockbuster decides to send it to me because my Blockbuster store didn't have it. (Though Hollywood Video might...) Because, see, if I buy it from, I'll get a good price, but still have to wait. For $10 more, I can get it from Walmart today.

I'm also debating going to JoAnn Fabric before my critique group. See, I redesigned my class yesterday and I need some little baskets and stuff. Never mind that I spent $50 on this yesterday at Big Lots. I want what I want. And I also need to go by Lakeshore to get some charts. Critique is 45 minutes away and starts at 10. Both stores open at 9. Oh, oh, AND I just drank my last Diet Coke with Lime, so I have to go by and get a bottle somewhere.

You know I'm going to be late, right?

But my point is, everything I do is like this big DECISION. We're having a birthday party for one of the teachers in our unit on Tuesday. They told me to decide what to bring. I told them to TELL me what to bring. I'm tired of making decisions!

Are you good at decision making?

We haven't seen Gerry in awhile, and I did buy his new DVD, The Miracle Match.

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Gina Black said...

I've been feeling more and more like that lately....I'm so tired of making decisions. Sometimes the small ones are the most annoying.

I'm wondering if it isn't because there's some big decision out there I'm not making that I should be. Hmmm....

KATZ said...

Hey! I'm bad at decisions, too. I just switched jobs and stressed at every step of the way, even though I knew what I was doing was for the best. BUT, at least with this decision, I told myself, I'm stressing now and in two weeks, all this stress will be a memory (when the decision is made).

I've fallen ass-backwards into most of the good decisions in my life...and I always get more religious around a decision, too (lol), and try to remember it was God who brought me through those past decisions in the right direction! :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah you are so right!
Just remember risk and reward, Mary. Without the risk, there is no reward. And remember our guts often tell us what we need to hear. If you're like me, you ignore that "feeling" and then spend months kicking yourself for the mistake!

Do you have a mission statement for your writing?

Glad you're working on new material. That will help too. :-)

MJFredrick said...

I think Amie hit it on the head! I'm tired of making decisions because I do it all the time!!!

Sarah, deciding on a new job is tough! Yu're always thinking about the devil you know....I hope it's working out for you!

Thanks, Mary Beth. Risk and reward....I will have to remember that. As for a mission statement, Kris told me yesterday I need one. So I will get to that today.


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