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Cindi's bloodwork came back from the last doctor visit and she does have lupus. Any positive stories you want to share about living with it would be much appreciated. She's pretty upset. She has 3 little kids.

On a cheerier note, I'm listening to Natural Born Charmer right now and it is GREAT.


I wonder why they changed the cover for the paperback - I loved the hardcover cover. Neither REALLY fits the story, anyway. I am in love with this book.

Before that, I listened to Agnes and the Hitman. Now, I didn't like Don't Look Down, but I LOVED Agnes. Very sexy.


It's been awhile since I loved a Nora the way I love Blood Brothers. I can't WAIT till Book 2 comes out, but I REALLY can't wait for Book 3, because I want to learn that hero's story.


And I've been on a historical kick. Three of my favorites are:




But boy, do I wish I could read faster.

The dh saw a Kindle and was intrigued, but I have over 200 books to read!!!

What have you read lately that you loved?



Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, isn't that funny? I loved "Don't Look Down" and thought "Agnes and the Hitman" was just, eh.

I'm reading "Heartsick" by Chelsea Cain now. (A thriller) It's VERY creepy--in a good way! LOL! :)

Trish Milburn said...

I'm reading Tantalize, a YA novel by Cynthia Leitich Smith and enjoying it.

Marianne Arkins said...

I was just "meh" about "Don't Look Down" which bummed me out, cuz I'm a freak about Jenny Crusie. But I LOVED "Agnes and the Hitman". What a great book...

I want more time to read!

Anonymous said...

I'm very far behind most everyone else...I'm FINALLY reading Julie Kenner's Carpe Demon, and loving it.

I just finished Julia's Quinn's latest, and enjoyed it a lot. Wow. A book that was JUST a romance, nothing else. I forgot how good they could be, in the right hands.


Anonymous said...

One of the counselors at my school has lupus and she's fine. She says it's just important NOT to get too stressed. It took awhile for them to diagnose, but once they did, she was able to treat it.
I haven't read Natural Born Charmer or Agnes yet. I didn't like Don't Look Down, so I was waiting to hear feedback before I picked it up. JC is almost always a keeper for me. I have no idea why I didn't get NBC, maybe because it was hardback.
I picked up Rogue at Wal-Mart this week, but I haven't been able to read it yet. :-(

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I was a kid when I lived through most of it (my mother's, of course, not mine), but I was going to say what marybethlee said--don't fret. And probably the best way to do that is for her to get as much solid info as she can get on it. Sure, there are some pretty serious potential complications, but that's true of many things that don't cause more than mild inconvenience.

I'd say it's really important for her to get REST whenever she can, to stave off or deal with flare-ups, and enlist help from her family (which includes her kids, when/if they are old enough to learn compassion and understanding and make themselves a PBJ sandwich instead of expecting Mom to do everything for them).

I just finished Jim Butcher's latest, Small Favor, and loved it.

Anonymous said...

I read Agnes last fall. I love Crusie. I just finished Welcome to Temptation. I liked Natural Born Charmer. I read that in March. I just finished reading Secret Society Girl and Under the Rose. I like the author's voice. Those books are what you wish college could have been.

MJFredrick said...

Jennifer, I felt weird when everyone else went crazy for DLD and I didn't care for it. I was the same way with SEP's NOBODY'S BABY BUT MINE. I DID NOT like that book and everyone loved it.

Trish, you reading a YA? Shocking ;)

Marianne, amen on needing more time to read! And MAN, I loved Agnes!

JoAnn, I've got Carpe Demon around here somewhere. Looking forward to it! And I know what you mean about how good a romance can be in the right hands ;) Try Virgin River, by Robyn Carr. That's another good one.

Thanks, Mary Beth! I got Rogue this weekend and added it to the stack. Sigh.

Natalie, thanks! I'm so behind on my Jim Butcher....

Liz, Diane Peterfreund was on eHarlequin with some of us back in the day. WELCOME TO TEMPTATION is one of my all-time favorite Crusies.


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