How Can a Week Be So Fast and So SLOW at the Same Time?

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see more crazy cat pics's Thursday, and it's been a long week in the classroom. I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness for the field trip tomorrow (please, God, let me find the signed permission slips!) But I look at my list of goals and I haven't gotten much done. I mean, I haven't cut out my fabric, I've not written more than 100 words on the SPN essay, and I'm not letting myself write anything else till it's done. We did driver's ed the one night (starting at 8:30 - argh!) and I haven't gone to the post office yet. I have watched 7 discs of Supernatural, though, and took a page of notes last night on the first three episodes of Season 2. And I've judged the Merritt entries and cleaned house, a little. That's it. Yeesh.




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