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My laptop came yesterday! It doesn't have an airport card yet, and the dh spent all evening loading programs, but tonight I should be able to use it.


Everyone is home tonight, the first night since Sunday, and it's a good thing because it's MUST SEE TV!!!

Tonight we will watch The Office. I know the last couple of weeks have been new, but tonight, everything is!!!


We'll Tivo SPN. Where we left off...Lilith the demon has made herself known to Sam, and sees him as competition to be eliminated. Dean still hasn't gotten out of his deal with the devil (though Daddy is coming back to help him next week - at least, his voice is.)


We'll watch AND Tivo Lost, where we still have Michael on the boat with Sayid and Desmond, everyone else waiting on the island. We know only 6 leave, but why???


The new Grey's Anatomy is on, too, but I'll watch it when it reairs tomorrow. I can barely remember where that one's left off - did Derek break up with Meredith to go out with the nurse? George and Izzie are still going strong - ick.


Today is also my last day of tutoring! Woot!


Gina Black said...

Congrats on the new laptop! I've never seen that version. What is it? It looks kinda like my MacBook but with pink.

KATZ said...

Cool computer!! LOVE the pink!! :)
DH got me an iPhone this week... totally getting me addicted to mac...

Marianne Arkins said...

Love a pink computer!

Don't watch ANY of those shows, LOL. Where do you find the time??

MJFredrick said...

Gina, it's a refurbished iBook, but this place called Laptop Rescue puts skins on them. It's kind of soft and rubbery. I love that it's pink so no one in this house will take it!!!

AN IPHONE???? AWESOME!!!! I'll be interested to know how you like it.

Marianne, Tivo is my friend. Though lately all I've been watching is NCIS because they keep having marathons and taking all my space!


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