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I have to feel sorry for my dh (which is better than feeling sorry for myself, which I’m also doing). Being married to a writer isn’t easy, especially a romance writer.
A lot of brooding is involved. I’m either brooding over my story or over not being able to write my story. I’m brooding over a rejection or over my writing schedule.
Some snapping is involved too, like when he feels compelled to show me a YouTube video or some such when he clearly HEARS the clickity-clack of the keys.
A lot of plotting over breakfast or dinner…he should be glad we don’t eat lunch together.
Then there’s the inspiration. “Why are we watching this show again? Oh, your BOYFRIEND is in it.” And the movies, and the pictures…

What does your SO have to put up with because of your writing?


michellewillingham said...

Oh, that is too funny. Last night I was wrestling with an uncooperative scene and when my dh asked how it was going, I said, "Not well." He frowned and said, "Remember, this is supposed to be fun." I told him that it IS fun. It just happens to be the hardest challenge in the world. :)

Jennifer Shirk said...

My hubby complains I'm a "computer hog". LOL!

Anonymous said...

The lingo. When we're watching movies now he teases me with stuff like, "I think that was the second turning point," or my favorite, we'll be watching some guy film and just when things look bad he'll say,"Hey Babe, this is the black moment." :-)
The only thing he really doesn't like is when I stay up until 3 am because it took a little longer to finish the book than I thought, but I had to get it done. :-)

Marianne Arkins said...

Poor DH almost never sees me... I'm on the computer constantly between writing, editing, promotion and LASR.

But... he is very supportive, because he wants to quit his job and let me be his Sugar Mama. LOL!

Esri Rose said...

I think the thing he puts up with most is the shop talk and the "me, me, me, I'm at the beginning of a career that has a slight public aspect." In exchange, I do my best to listen carefully to his shop talk (computers), ask intelligent questions, and not let my eyes glaze over too much.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

My hubby has accepted the fact that he has to go to bed alone. I write after the kids go to bed and don't finish until midnight (or later). It's the only time my house is quiet. If I'm doing well, I'll be up in time to see Jay Leno. If could be hours.

Oh yeah...going to bed alone and having to get the coffee in the morning. ;) After pulling an all-nighter, I rarely have the strength to drag myself out of bed and get the coffee. My guy is a saint.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Probably all of the above, though now that I'm writing full time (as in, when I'm not editing for money or doing kid-related stuff), I tend to be in bed before he is now.

The one he deserves a medal for, though, is the "inspiration." He no longer trusts that I ever watch a TV show or movie without a particular hot guy in it.

MJFredrick said...

Michelle, no kidding! My dh says similar stuff to me - "WHY do you write? Because you LIKE it, remember???"

Jennifer, my son complains about that. Which is why I'm getting a refurbished laptop for my bday.

LOL, Mary Beth. My dh hasn't picked up the lingo yet, and I'm usually in bed WAY before him, even when I stay up late!

Marianne, I don't know how you do it all! That's the main reason I have my computer in the living room. At least I'll feel like I've spent time with my family ;)

Esri, ah, the glazing eyes...I know that feeling. And yes, I try to tone down the "me me me" bit. Not easy at this stage.

LOL, Elisabeth, he does sound like a keeper. My dh is the one who falls asleep on the couch, so I always go to bed first, no matter how late I stay up.

Natalie, EXACTLY on the inspiration. My dh is STILL trying to figure out why I like NCIS. "Who is in it? Is this why we're watching it???"


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