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I've been blog-hopping and over the past few weeks I've seen several authors blogging about a "secret project." I know how that is, a bit (though I can't keep a secret for anything, FYI), wanting to keep a new project under wraps, nurture it, revel in it before you bring it into the world.

But I think these secret projects are more along the lines of High Concept.

I don't get those, not really. I mean, I kind of have a small idea but don't know if I'll have the skill to write it. I don't get the big, genre breaking ideas. I get a LOT of ideas, but nothing that requires excessive plotting, overarching themes for series, etc.

Are you a high concept person? Do you have a secret project?

I think my email is working now....the dh installed a new version of Entourage and it's going to take some getting used to.

I also realized I don't have to haunt my SPAM folder this week. The editor I'm waiting to hear from is likely at RT.

I think this is going to be my birthday present. It's PINK!




Marianne Arkins said...

Nope. No secret projects. No high concept. Poor me, lol. Plenty of ideas, tho. So many that I have trouble focusing, hence the fact that I currently have NOTHING COMPLETED but plenty half done.

Ooh... pretty in pink for your birthday :-)

Amie Stuart said...


LOL Sorry yes I have two--one my agent is shopping. It's high concept and a genre crosser. I don't talk about it much because honestly, I'm superstitious. I also have a big fat WF proposal I want to work on....again superstitious.

Raine did a blog on High Concept a few weeks ago and Paperback Writer left a great example of what HC is.

KATZ said...

I have 2 secret projects, too. One, I just love it to death, and I would consider it "high concept", but it would mean a series, lots of plotting and research... so I've been waiting until my writing improved enough to do it justice (ha!), and I had more time to delve into the details of a bigger story... hmm... and now the concept might get a little dated.
My other "secret", is a paranormal, might even be urban fantasy, and it's SOO different from what I currently read/write, I hardly know where to start. Have just one opening scene, sketch of a couple of characters. And, again, that would lend itself to an in-depth series...

Then I've got at least half a dozen regular contemporaries shouting to be written... not enough years in my life to write them all!!

MJFredrick said...

Marianne, I'm with you with all the ideas and nothing completed. Sigh. Even those ideas seem behind the curve (a bodyguard story? Seriously.)

Amie, I agree - I'm superstitious about mentioning stuff sometimes, too - one of the few times I can keep my mouth shut. Good luck with your secrut projex ;)

Sarah, I know just what you mean about waiting to get more accomplished before diving into the high concept stuff. As for time to write...we need clones to do the drudgery so we can write!


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