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My Samhain editor is tough. The thing is, she's also good. I keep wanting to find fault with her comments, but you know, I never can. She has a great memory and a good eye for detail. She would NEVER let me get away with the stuff I'm reading right now (not the one pictured in the sidebar, btw. Haven't gotten around to changing it.)

In one paragraph, seven lines and seven sentences, there were the following cliches:

stopped her in her tracks
lose her cool
bigger fish to fry
duty called

In another, three sentences started with "It was."

I could never get away with that.

That said, I need to get back to work on Surface, give it another careful read (maybe even out loud) so I don't have to go through another round :)



Anonymous said...

My editor at White Rose is also tough...but she helped me turn my upcoming story into something I'm truly proud to put my name on.

MJFredrick said...

Exactly. I wish I had that skill to begin with!

Marianne Arkins said...

LOL... I feel the same way about my Samhain editor, and the one who edited my Yellow Rose at WRP -- I griped and grumbled and then... I fixed. A good editor is a prize, and they challenge us, yes?

MJFredrick said...

Right. And even when I change something and she missed it, well, she missed it because I wasn't clear enough. So instead of arguing, I make it clearer.


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