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Who knew going to a movie and sitting in the audience at the talent show would be so exhausting. Yet, it was. Today will be a normal day, thank goodness. The more normal days, the better the behavior.

I may find out my fate for next year today. Either the new teacher or I will be moved out of 4th grade, probably to 1st. :::shudder::: My scores were better, but I may pray to go to first grade, seeing the behavior problems coming up to 4th grade.

I've done galleys on my short story, am halfway through my read-through of Surface before I send it back, and am 1/4 of the way through my paranormal. One of my students asked why I'm always wanting to write something else when I'm writing. Isn't that a good question?



Toni Anderson said...

Oh, I think I'd prefer 1st grade! I'm always thinking of other stories when I'm writing. All those little people running around in my head! Have a great day, Mary :)

Anonymous said...

I will pray you get 1st grade...4th grade is the arrival of hormones on tap, and they are totally clueless what to do about it. SOOO....they are pretty wild. Not what you need.


MJFredrick said...

nonononononononono! Do not want 1st. Too little, can't do anything. I mean, there's no TAKS and papers are simpler to grade, but dang--teaching someone to read is a huge responsibility. I'd rather teach them to write.

As of now, I'm staying put. I am worried about next year's class---lots of behavior problems. But I'd rather have the older kids.


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