Four Years Old, and Connections

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Trippin'. I knew my blog anniversary was coming up. Had NO idea it was FOUR YEARS OLD!!!! Wow. So glad I got it a new outfit for its bday!

So, the reason for my R yesterday was that my editor couldn't connect with my heroine, in particular. Interesting, because I was having the same thoughts about the hero in my paranormal. I think there are a couple of reasons for this.

I don't think I built enough of a backstory for him. I pretty much just lifted his mannerisms and such from Jensen's portrayal of Dean (which I've done before--Adrian's mannerisms are Gerard Butler's, Gabe's are Clooney's), but I haven't gone deeply into his character. In fact, I have very few scenes in his POV.

He doesn't have enough of the qualities I admire. Yes, he's handsome and brave, but he's also impulsive and a con man.

I have too much plot for a 30,000 word story. Everything is compressed. I'm at 20,000 words and they just had their first kiss, and they haven't figured out why all this stuff is happening.

So my goal is to get the story written as I see it, look at the word count, see what I can take out. Then I need to build in more characterization and romance. This is not a good sign. Working from plot to romance is not a good fit for me. Gulp.

Today is field day in the morning, then in the PM, I'm showing a movie. I have a TON of paperwork. A TON.




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