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Am feeling a bit guilty for not going to chapter's conference this weekend. My official reason is that $70 is a lot when I won't manage to get any professional connections out of it--the agent is from the agency I was already with and the editor isn't someone I'd submit to. In addition to that, well, I spend all week being stuck indoors and around people. Right now I'm in my back yard with my blooming flowers and my cats and my glass of flavored water about to get going on the 2250 words I need to make my goal today. Sometimes I'd just rather be with make-believe people, you know?

Tonight the boy and his girl are going to Prom. He's going to get his hair cut this morning. I'm very anxious to see the results. He's going to have to actually learn to STYLE it.

Okay, need more water, then I'll get to work.

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Mary Curry said...

Hope the writing's been going well. I applaud your decision to stay home. Writing is your priority today and you're doing what needs to be done.

How exciting about Prom tonight. Enjoy and be sure to let us know details.

Anonymous said...

I didn't go either...had to take DD to one of her finals this morning, and then help Mama get ready for the move on Tues. Also, $70 for the same reasons as yours...can't justify the expense. So here I am, doing what I gotta do. :)


MJFredrick said...

Mary, I've had to tell myself I became a writer because of the stories I want to tell, not to go to conferences and socialize. It's sad, because belonging to my chapter pulled me through some rough times, but I just don't have the time.

J, I hope your DD did well---finals on a Saturday??? And hope your mom is settling in.


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