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I watched a LOT of movies last weekend. Sad, I know.

We saw Monster House on Tuesday. It was cute and different, but weird. A good Halloween movie, though.

I watched Cheaper by the Dozen 2 Thursday night. I really liked it, better than the first one. Yes, you have the typical Steve Martin pratfalls, but you also have his tenderness as a dad and a soon-to-be grandfather. And I loved Bonnie Hunt.

I saw Prairie Home Companion on Friday. It started out good, the last broadcast of the last radio show. Meryl Streep was fab, as was Woody Harrelson, of all people. But I got bored maybe an hour in. And what was the time period? Lindsey Lohan was in t-shirt and jeans, and Kevin Kline and the woman in white were dressed Noir. I don’t know, I started out loving it, but ended up meh.

We watched American Dreamz and The Sentinel on Sunday. YUCK on both. I thought American Dreamz would be more satirical but it was just goofy. I mean, seriously, the President on American Idol as a judge? Bleh.

The Sentinel almost lost me in the first ten minutes with all the Secret Service technical jargon flying around. And the plot had me guessing, but not much caring.

How sad is it out of all those movies, I liked the family comedy sequel best?

I’ve set aside two books this past week by the same author. The first, I couldn’t stand the hero. Yes, yes, poor pitiful him, out of the Rangers, drinking to beat the band and now bodyguard to beautiful sexy woman. But there was nothing likeable about him. (Note to self – make sure Alex doesn’t suffer same affliction.) Plus, these people took like three showers in one night. And not together.

The other book is loosely connected, but it wasn’t a romance. I got to page 60, and the hero and heroine had had 3 brief conversations. Three! And we’d only been in the hero’s head a handful of times. It was more interesting than the other book, but I set it aside.

I didn’t expect to like Goddess for Hire, but it’s a quick read about an Indian woman who isn’t looking for her purpose till it smacks her upside the head. Best line in the book: If you can’t beat om. Join om.

What have you seen/read lately?

I also finished watching the first season of Supernatural. I'm ready to start again from the beginning, but then there's Nano ;)

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Anonymous said...

movies, none. but i LOVED Deborah Smith's The Crossroads Cafe.

kris said...

Okay, Mary, but what did you think of that song in Prairie Home COmpanion? The joke one?

Colleen Gleason said...

I haven't seen any movies lately, but I'm going to try and fit in The Prestige next week.

And what's this Spy Girl project???

MJFredrick said...

Okay, Mary Beth, you convinced me. I just added that book to my wish list.

Athena, I kept thinking, "So THIS was why Athena didn't want me taking Mom to this movie." ;) It was funny, but went on too long.

Colleen, I'm doing Nano, and I'd had this dream awhile back about this girl who's all Sydney Bristow-ish, only undercover for the long haul. While she's undercover, she falls for another agent who's also undercover with her, she starts feeling sympathy for her target, and she finds out she's pregnant by her ex-husband, who she slept with before she went undercover. I'm kind of excited about it!

J.F. Cossey said...

I spent yesterday watching a ton of Halloween movies (kitchy, but classics). I've recently seen Silent Hill, 13 Ghosts (notice a theme? My husband and stepchildren are horror freaks!! hehe). Book I bought in June and put aside for awhile is Kushiel's Scion by my favourite author Jacqueline Carey... I LOVE her... gonna pick up the reading again tonight, methinks.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

The last movie I saw was the Queen with Helen Mirren. Excellent. I still want to see The Prestige and Marie Antoinette. In books, I just finished reading Julie Cohen's Married in a Rush which was great, and now I'm finishing up Rupert Everett's autobiography. Oh, and I read Meg Cabot's latest Princess Diaries book and a novel about Greta Garbo and John Gilbert that I bought in London.

KATZ said...

I watched Little Miss Sunshine recently (at the hotel in Denver). It was hilarious, but also touching - best movie I've seen in a while. Definitely see it!! :)

MJFredrick said...

I'd heard Little Miss Sunshine was depressing, Sarah.

Wow, what an eclectic collection of books, Elizabeth! I have Julie's book around here somewhere....

Jessie, I love the old classic horror movies! When we first got our VCR when I was in college, we'd rent scary movies every Friday night!

Jill Monroe said...

I watched The Sentinel last weekend, too!!

Colleen Gleason said...

Hey! SpyGirl sounds great, Mary. Very intriguing.

(Sorry, it took me a bit to remember I'd questioned you on your blog, not on the loop. Doh!)


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